AdClear: Block ads online and in apps![FREE][Tools]

Hey guys. Our company, SEVEN Networks, recently released our second consumer product, AdClear. AdClear is a completely free ad blocker that works in apps. It creates an on-device VPN that filters out advertisers and protects your data. If anyone were to access your data through our VPN, it would be undecipherable gibberish, even to us. We also have an optional SSL certificate in the app that will block encrypted ads if turned on. AdClear can just run in the background. You'll instantly notice results.


We're available via Amazon:

or direct download via our website:

Our FAQ is available on our website, but feel free to ask any questions!


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We recently released a major update! We've added an app filter so that users can choose which apps they want to block ads in. We also added a log so that users can see where ads are coming from and how many those sites/apps are contributing. Turning AdClear on and off has been simplified with an on/off switch on AdClear's main screen. We've also made our notifications dismissible. We welcome any and all feedback in making AdClear the ad blocking app for you!