Oct 15, 2009
I want to use speech to text which I thought was going to be in this update. I installed Better Keyboard and Swipe keyboard. I enabled both in the settings (they are checked), but when I click the options button on the keyboard and try to select a keyboard, I only get the 3 standard options (QWERTY, Phone, Compact QWERTY). Any ideas why?
Try the XDA keyboard HERE.

Enable it in settings. Go to create a text message and press and HOLD input area until you get a message to change input method.
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Okay, note to people wanting this.... just tried both the Hi Res and Low Res; only the low res works on ours. Oh well. Still looks the same, just with the mic and any other options I felt I was missing.
Yea... I found the apk for better keyboard online, I like it enough so I'm probably going to buy it sometime in the next few days or something. Still giving the modded HTC one a chance though, but it seems kind of chunky and lags a lot compared to stock and better keyboard.