Nov 14, 2009
I just added a new contact through contacts -> add new contact. I entered a name and a phone number and hit done.

Now I can't find the contact.

* The contact I added on the phone shows up in my google contacts online!
* I have sync enabled with google - email, contacts, calendar.
* I can't find the contact on my phone! It doesn't show up using the google search bar on the main menu, and its not in the contacts list!
* I've seen this before. I don't add contacts very often but I think this happens every time.
* I rebooted the phone. This had no affect.


I went into my google contacts online, highlighted my new contact, and clicked "move to my contacts". So it seems when I add a contact on my phone I can't use it until I go into google contacts online and click that button.
I'm bumping this post because my mom's phone (HTC Hero) has this same issue.

It works as regulatre said, changing the contacts in google from "all contacts" to "my contacts"

But is there a way to fix this without having to go into google to do this for every new contact?

My mom can't even read english, let a lone, use gmail to switch all of her contacts to my contacts. She just needs to be able to add a new number on her phone and have it show up.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.