adding a new ringtone?


seems like it's a very common question and hopefully there's an easy answer.

how do I add then select new ringtones?

The manual is not helpful and my forum searches have failed.




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Isn't there an option in the music player to "use this mp3 as ringtone"? then it's just a matter of putting the file onto the sd card, probably in the music folder.
create a folder in the memory card called media, inside that create 2 folders, Notifications and Ringtones.

Notifications - SMS ringtones
Ringtones - incoming call ringtones

put files in the folders.


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It doesn't work for me on the LG Ally. I created the folders as you indicated, and copied a couple MP3 files to them. But I still can't see them in the list of Ringtone or Notification files.

Aha! What wasn't mentioned is that I have to power down and restart the phone (reboot) to make them appear in the menus. Once I rebooted the Ally, I found the MP3 files within the menu selections. If I make anymore changes to the files (moving them around, adding more MP3 files) I have to reboot the phone to make those changes show up.



I have uploaded MP3s onto my phone and chose to use some of them as ringtones. I then "trimmed" them and set them as ringtones for specific contacts. Problem is, they don't even last a day before returning to default ringtones! Not sure what the problem is. Any one else figure out how to fix this problem?