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Feb 6, 2011
His guys. I have been trying to add another account on my google mail approve but every single time I try it always says that I have a data connection problem or my phone is not provisioned to use one. I have tried it in wifi and 3g but niether have worked. Help please. Thank you. :)
I had this problem when I tried to add a second gmail account to my phone. I solved it by adding the second gmail account via the YouTube app on the phone. Not the YouTube website, but the actual app.

After I did that the second gmail account showed up in the accounts on my phone.
But I am logged in with my current account.

Are you talking about the YouTube app on your phone? Log out, sign in with the second gmail account. Then verify you see the second gmail account in gmail. Then, sign out of the second gmail account from the YouTube app and sign back in with your primary gmail account.
Your YouTube account is also your gmail account. Sign into the YouTube app with your second gmail username / password.
It didn't work. It said that the account wasn't a Youtube one.

Hmm, not sure what to tell you. I had the same problem as you and solved it by signing into the YouTube app with the second gmail account.

Hopefully someone else has another option for you.