Apps Adding analytics to app

Hi All,

I am considering adding google analytics to my game to gather usage statistics etc. But I wonder if it can do more harm then good. Currently my app does not require any special privileges, but once I add analytics code it obviously will require internet access permission which might make some user reluctant to install it in the first place.

Do you think it is worth the risk? I wonder also if decide to add analytics - should I ask user permission to send usage statistics like some desktop apps do?



That is a really good question actually. The thing is i'd say it kinda depends on what you want to achieve with analytics. If you're going to monetize in the future then you might want analytics to get all the information you can about your users.

Another thing you can do, is offer some service in your app which requires an internet connection. This makes it less obvious to the user that you are going to use analytics.

The more savvy users (who'd object to an app because of permissions) would figure that most apps these days use analytics. So I honestly don't think its a problem.

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