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Adding Photos to Contacts on the Ace

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by styk54, May 26, 2011.

  1. styk54

    styk54 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Guys

    Anybody able to help me here. After spending a lot of time entering my contacts into my new ace. I decided after a while to add photos to my contacts but have found out that you have to start with a new contact to add a photo and you can't add a photo to an existing contact. Is this right or am i doing something wrong. Please help as obviously i don't want to go through the whole rigmarole again
    Thanks in advance

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  2. Gammer

    Gammer Android Enthusiast

    To add a photo to a contact you need to add the contact to the phone,not the sim.
    It gives you the choice when you first start a new contact.
  3. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    Actually styk you are absolutely wrong, there are two ways to add a photo to a contact icon, on is that you go to the gallery, open the photo, press the capacitive menu button (the one on the left), select more and in the more menu select 'set as' and then select contact icon and select contact which you want to assign it to, or
    You can just go to the Contacts menu, open the contact and then press the capacitive menu button, and select edit contact, then in the edit screen, you will see a little plus sign on the silhouette photo, press that and then select if you wanna add the photo from the album or take a photo ;)
    and yeah what gammer said :p
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  4. styk54

    styk54 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    First of all thanks very much for trying to help me on this. I have tried doing what you say but still no joy. I don't know if it's me not being able to put it across right but what i am talking about is i have about 40 contacts at present on my phone, none was added to my contacts with a photo at the same time. Now 2 months down the line i've decided i want to add a photo to my 40 contacts so i have took 40 photos ( now in the gallery) of my contacts on my phone but unless i start a completely new contact the phone is not letting me add a photo to my existing contacts As you can imagine i don't really want to have to start again adding 40 new contacts. I will if i have too but i thought it would just be a case of editing my existing contacts by adding a photo but i just can't see any way the Ace let's you do that
    Once again thanks ,it's much appreciated
  5. aktifit

    aktifit Member

    perhaps a bit off topic depending on whether you're on facebook or not, but if you are, you can also just sync facebook and it's even possible to choose which contacts to sync so you don't have 400 contacts in your phone book. once you've synched your friends with your contacts you can simply merge them, that worked very well for me ;)
  6. styk54

    styk54 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks very much aktifit but i'm not on Facebook
    Much appreciated for your help
  7. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    Really, none of it is working? Well that's gotta be a bummer, anyways, i think you might be missing a step, so i'll say try again but sorry can't help anymore :p
  8. styk54

    styk54 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Pujitjuneja
    Nope can't get it to do it anyway thanks for your time trying to help. Much appreciated
  9. aktifit

    aktifit Member

    you could also just create new contacts only with name (or withouth the name, just makes it easier to merge) and picture, then merge them so at least you don't have to copy & paste the nr and everything else

    also did you make sure your contacts are on the phone, not on the sim card? (phonebook->menu->import/export->...)
  10. Gammer

    Gammer Android Enthusiast

    As said above. It looks like your 40 contacts are saved to your sim and not your phone. They need to be phone contacts for you to be able to add a photo. Double check as above.
  11. florriethomas

    florriethomas Lurker

    hey styk had the same problem myself... after reading these comments i eventually managed to move all of my contacts to the phone, and change the original thing to phone (to make all new contacts go to the sim) and as one of the guys said you can then edit them properly. but you'll want to show only phone contacts, otherwise you'll have two of each... so yeah if that makes sense.. worked for me. sorted! thanks for bringing it up! good luck x
  12. Bobsackamano

    Bobsackamano Lurker

    I am having the same issue with adding pics to contacts. I have my contacts on my sim and they show under the "contacts" tab on the phone. Once I import my contacts to the phone I can now add a photo to the contact however the edited contact shows under the "groups" tab on the phone. I can assign them as a friend, family or work contact but cannot move them to the main "contact" tab on the phone instead of the "groups" tab. Any ideas on how to move them to the main contact tab??

  13. aandriss

    aandriss Lurker


    I've assigned photos to my contacts by taking a picture of them, but then i've deleted the photos from the album.
    Can i still recover the photos as they appear in the contact list, but no more in the album?

    Thank you
  14. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    i have saved all my contacts as google contacts and added them to google+ how ever has a google+ account will show their profile pics as contact picture.
    rest i just have to add a pics and it gets synced in google and no problem of taking backup of contacts.

    if you save then as google contacts you can easily change or delete groups or move contacts for groups from gmail itself...

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