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Adding ringtones

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yatimameiji, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Of all the things I've seen everyone talk about, this one has yet to come up. How can I add ringtones? And change the sound used in the alarm clock?

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  2. dan0zone

    dan0zone Well-Known Member

    same as any android phone .,.,., create a folder on your sdcard >> audio << then in that folder , create 3 others >> ringtones , notifications ,alarms << place your sound files in their respective folders , then RESTART your phone .,.,., any real android knows this ,, thats why no one asked or ever posted this .,.
  3. defiantbeast

    defiantbeast Well-Known Member

    I also recommened downloading ringdroid and tone picker from the market. Ringdroid allows you to edit an mp3 to what ever length you need or to edit a specific part of a song for a ringtone. tone picker just allows you to select whatever ringtone or sound you want to use on the phone when entering a ringtone this way you dont have to create a folder with labels, its a lazy workaround to the suggestion above. Thats what i love about android theres multiple ways to get something done just pick what works for you
  4. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Android Enthusiast

    The good thing about forums is that we can ask questions and get good answers. If everybody KNEW everything, there would be no need for this. We'd all take our Mensa pills and rule the world.

    But since we're mere mortals with a new concept in mobile phones, we have questions. I wondered the same thing about Ringtones. I found Ringdroid and installed it. I didn't know about the other program until you asked about it. Asking is a good thing. Its guaranteed that someone else is wondering too! ;)
  5. dan0zone

    dan0zone Well-Known Member

    My point was not to be a know it all , but is that I've been with android since the per-launch of the G1 and I have seen and answered this question hundreds of times on other forums . I do all my own research and only ask a question after I've searched google and have used up my other resources....
    BTW ringdroid will create those folders I mentioned in my earlier post ,when you save the tones you created .,.,.
  6. yatimameiji

    yatimameiji Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey thanks for pointing out I'm a noob. This is my first android device and sure I could have trolled the forums looking but since this question hasn't been asked about this phone, thats why I did it. Thanks to everyone else.
  7. dan0zone

    dan0zone Well-Known Member

    you dont have to troll other forums , a google search would have done it for you ,,,

    The one thing All android phones have in common , is that they all have an ANDROID core , just slightly different , but they all have the same functions and abilities ,,,.
    Even though you disregarded my answer to your question ,I will still give some advice .,. there is an ongoing issue of the media players finding and playing ANY ringtone on your SDCARD ,,,,,two ways to fix this:
    1:"Troll" on over to XDA in the G1 threads and do a search 'hidding ringtones on sdcard' , it should bring up threads about an script that hides your ringtones from the media players .. OR
    2: you can extract the audio folder from another ROM and ADB push it to yours ( if you are ROOTED)
  8. scratchee

    scratchee Lurker

    Guess what dan0zone...I googled this question, and this thread was at the top of the results. If some helpful person had not answered it, I'd have to look elsewhere.

    Thanks to the OP and to the helpful people who answered his question.

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