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Adding Service in Android Platform

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by krishnan, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. krishnan

    krishnan Newbie
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    Hello All.
    I am trying to have a service (running all the time). This service would also have some C/C++ JNI code to access(get info) few other components in the platform and also need to access HAL. We also need to store data (in some kind of storage DB, file, etc). We have some other app need access to this data from this Service. In symbolic way here is what I am aiming for
    Android App -> System Service -> JNI (native) library -> HAL/Device Driver.
    My Questions:=
    1. Can we do this as a regular Android Service (the way all downloadable app/services are written) or it must be included in System Services ?
    2. How can i make sure my service is alive all the time and starts on bootup or platform up ?
    3. If it has to be in System services how to do that ?
    4. Can downloadable apps access this System service ?
    Krishna ​

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