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Address book question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zylian, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. zylian

    zylian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have read posts about the HTC Inc. address book and some of the features there in, but I have yet to find an answer to this, so I will just ask.

    I am coming from a LG Voyager and expect to get my Incr. in 2 weeks (giddy with excitement, but hate the wait). I have searched the web high and low and in the downloadable user guide and can not find a simple list of what info you can add to the address book. With my Voyager I hate that I can not add a friend or family member's physical address unless I put in the email spot which has to be formatted like an email (ie. 12745@West_Hollister.drive or something like that)

    Would like to know what the different fields are in the Incredible's address book and if you can create custom fields. At the least I am hoping for separate fields for all the following:
    phone number (at least 3 slots... cell, home, work)
    Email (couple slots, again home and work email)
    mailing address and Physical Address (separate fields in case of PO Box)
    Birthday, anniversary
    Spouse or other family connections (that may also be in contact list)
    Website, Facebook, Twitter addresses

    Well you get the idea... I have no clue what info the address book can store. Hoping to find out before it ships so I can kill some of the waiting time on formatting my contact list (currently set up on Excel so I can format according to what options the Incredible has to offer.)

  2. sheepforwheat

    sheepforwheat Member

    The incredible's address book is in an app called People. I think it's an HTC app.

    It will syncronize with your google contacts. So any info in google contacts can be stored on the phone. multiple phone numbers (although you can't mark which is home, work, mobile. only primary or not primary) mailing addresses, email addreses, birthdays, anniversaries. You can also link facebook, twitter and flickr accounts to each contact. There is also an empty text box called Notes, which you can use to store anything else.
  3. DA8GizMo

    DA8GizMo Lurker

    It'll also link to any Exchange and GMail info you may have for that person.
    The clever thing is that the app works out which accounts to link..
    I had my brother in my normal, bog standard, phone addressbook.
    When I linked my phone to my facebook, gmail and exchange accounts the phone worked out that somebody with that same name existed in the other accounts too.
    So when I click on his name in my contact book there was a little '3' in a circle above the 'link' option
    When you click on that it gives you suggestions for all the other accounts.
    You just choose the accounts you wish to link for that person.

    So before I just had his mobile number.
    now, just by linking it, I get loads of extra info..
    from Facebook - Birthday, recent updates, pictures & a link to his profile page
    from exchange - email address, work mobile and work phone numbers
    from gmail - another email address

    it's really impressive!

  4. Liz0311

    Liz0311 Newbie

    Sorry, my Google Contacts allow marking numbers as home/work/mobile, etc. Are you saying this doesn't carry across to the phone??
  5. Jim Chapman

    Jim Chapman Member

    This is dead wrong. The People app gives you the usual choice of labels for each phone number (work, mobile, home, fax, etc.).
  6. zylian

    zylian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone for the great and speedy responses!
    I have been signing up for various acounts to sync with after the phone arrives.
    Glad to hear that it combines multiple accounts easily. Just hoping it arrives before my vacation :)
  7. steven119kim

    steven119kim Lurker

    I'm trying to sync Outlook to my Eris (2.1) and the mailing address line in People gets truncated. Looks like it can't handle more than 25 character (you can easily use up all the character if you have 4 digit street number, a 2 word street and/or an apt number). Is anyone else having the same problem?

    My old Blackberry didn't have a problem like this. Seems to be a very basic thing that Android can't do.

    I sure wish Android developers can resolve issues with the most basic features before they run off developing new stuff.
  8. ddwhatley

    ddwhatley Guest

    I've got the same issue on my EVO 4g with 2.2. 25 characters is the max. And I haven't been able to "trick" it either.
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  9. basiliks

    basiliks Lurker

    I have this same problem where my address field gets truncated. Most of my contact from palm have full address field until it was transferred to froyo 2.2
    Can anybody help?
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