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address book transfer to nav unit...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shmengie, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. shmengie

    shmengie Newbie
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    hi there. so, i bit of background...

    i just received my htc incredible (htci) yesterday. prior to that i was on tmo, using a mytouch 3g (mt3g). the mt3g was on 1.6, so, while e-mail synced, contacts and calendar did not. so, i purchased touchdown (which is a pretty fine app). from within touchdown you have an option to copy over your exchange contacts to your phone, which i did. i was then able to easily, and successfully, transfer my address book to my nav unit (pioneer f900bt).

    so, i get my htci yesterday and pair it up my my nav unit. i then try to transfer my address book, but get a "no telephone number" error. so, i come back inside and check my google account online, and my contacts are not there. i export my exchange contacts (i'm on a mac and use mac mail, where you can export to vcf format), and import those in my gmail contacts. i then sync my contacts from my htci. well, i now have a lot of duplicates, but i can clean those up later. the important thing is, i now have my exchange contacts imported into my google contacts, and can hopefully now transfer to my nav unit.

    but no! i'm still getting the "no telephone number" error. so...

    in 1.6 contacts were in an app called "contacts." in 2.1 (at least on the incredible), they're in an app called "people." is people the right place? generally, where does a bluetooth device look for contact info on a phone, and how do i get them there? (i used to have a bb pearl, that worked fine with this nav unit. then, the mt3g worked fine. i'm sure i can get this htci working, there's just some subtle difference in where/how the contacts are handled). i suppose i can install touchdown on this htci and see if that works, but, i really wanted to stay with the native activesync app, if possible.

    so, tia for any advice on this!

  2. shmengie

    shmengie Newbie
    Thread Starter

    okay, nevermind. i got it working. here's what i THINK the problem was...

    i had named the device "htc incredible" in bluetooth settings. on a hunch, i thought maybe the "space" in there was throwing it off, so i changed it to just "incredible,' and it transferred my address book without incident.

    i'm not saying it was the "space," but, well, if anyone else runs into the same issue, it's worth a shot.

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