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Adivice needed from existing galaxy users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chopsy, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. chopsy

    chopsy Newbie
    Thread Starter


    I'm interested buying a new android phone and have narrowed it down to the desire or the galaxy. I know the comparison has been done to death but I have a few specific questions about the galaxy?

    The UI - I have heard stories of it lagging and many people seem to recommend installing launcher pro. With your choice of UI whether it be TouchWiz or launcher pro how is the experience? Is it smooth and quick?

    The pc software (kies?) - I am going to be using the phone as my main music player therefore im going to be regularly transferring songs and things across. If you have to use the software how is it?

    At the moment I'm leaning towards the desire, because it seems more reliable and it has some physical buttons so why did you purchase the galaxy rather than the desire?

    Any advice would be fantastic as I want to get this huge purchase right.

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  2. chopsy

    chopsy Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Also the battery, I have read reports you can squeeze two days moderate use out of it?
  3. n1ck

    n1ck Newbie

    The UI - I tried LauncherPro but found it to munch through memory and my battery a bit too much so I went back to the TouchWiz, which I find pretty good. Theres no real lag and this phone is like lightning compare to my iPhone 3G I just upgraded from. I think the phone will get even better when the 2.2 update is released and so far since owning the SGS its been very impressive for me.

    The pc software (kies?) - Kies is pretty crap in all honesty, I used doubletwist which imports all my playlists from iTunes and syncs them to the phone will no fuss at all.
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  4. johnnewhouse

    johnnewhouse Member

    the screen is beautiful. and that's not an exaggeration.
    the colours are outstanding. i have not seen the Galaxy S next to the desire, however i will this weekend as my friend just got a desire so i can compare. i have though seen the galaxy next to the iphone4 and the galaxy is far far superior.

    i have noticed it seeming to hang for a second, or 2, on occasions but its not been a frustrating wait. plus any hanging will be minimised when 2.2 comes out.

    i cant talk about Kies, i have it installed on my work pc, but it cant get through the proxy, and there does not seem to be anywhere to enter proxy info into it, and at home i use linux
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  5. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    I prefer the wiz layout to the launcher pro layout, but that's just personal opinion.

    There's a a bit of lag when using live wallpaper, but that's to be expected.

    As with all android handphones, background apps can ground your phone to a halt. Task killer can solve this problem easily.

    Kies always work for me as long as I remember to turn wifi on my phone off.
  6. vijayrajesh

    vijayrajesh Lurker


    I am also a samsung galaxy s user and have used it so for 10 to 12 days.

    Yes, I also felt some lags first time, honestly.

    It happens generally because, while downloading and installing apps from market, the sgs will slow or not responsive at that seconds only. But right after the download (downloads generally do not lag system, but when the downloaded apps are stored, it makes some lags), and installation, the sgs is back to position again.

    As a first time user, everyone will want to install many apps in the first day itself and they will want to do many apps installation in multitasking manner. So, they feel lags at that time.

    What i believe that can remove lags is using task killers. I use "automatic task killer" which i personally feel very useful in auto killing tasks that stays in memory.

    Also, i think more cycles of battery charges also increases performance. But this is my personal opinion, may be an illusion too :)

    And on battery, My battery is running reasonably good. When i am not using my SGS, i turn of 3G or any other data networks and even the wifi.

    Switching off 3G dramatically increases battery life.

    Also, when using GPS related apps, they have to be cleared from memory fully. Because, GPS sensors also use heavy battery life.

    In camera usage, GPS location is available. You can enable it unless you need it.

    SCREEN IS WONDERFUL , INCREDIBLE, EXCELLENT Engineering, yes that is true.

    Honestly i am not happy with my home Samsung monitors that i use with desktops. But this giant super amoled screen is incredibly beautiful. It is very bright.

    Hence it is bad idea to play games in dark rooms, it may hurt your eyes. Particularly, if you are giving it to kids to play games in night times. There should be better ambient light when playing games for long time. Good for your eyes.

    and OMG, SGS plays almost any video format i that needed.

    I generally use youtube and download videos in mp4 format directly from youtube. I just copied those mp4 files in sgs and it plays them cool without any conversion of formats.

    File Transfer:

    Kies is heavy app, i know. But kies is very useful when you need to convert some video formats. Just try kies for one or two times. It may be useful for creating and understanding the concepts of playlists.

    So, what i am currently using for file transfer is SGS ftp server app called "swiftp" , a super ftp app. Once you start the server in SGS, you dont need to connect usb cables to PC. You just need any ftp application in pc to connect with your phone.

    And then you can transfer to and from the phone. It is very easy, very quick. Yes i see almost 1.5 to 2 MB / second in transfers. So i feel it is fine.

    It is better than itunes, personally i dont like itunes and i feel that it is heavy, confusing and time consuming.

    Desire Vs Galaxy :

    It is great to know that you are also in the same position, which one to go with. Yes, I was also having similar thought. But in India, Desire was not available immediately in stores.

    Moreover, I am sold to galaxy s features. Hence i picked that.

    The back button (touch back button) problem :

    The back button in SGS is nice and quick way, but at the same time, it is easily touched and some of the apps in the market think "back button" means QUIT. that is frustrating sometimes.

    Because, when my kids play games or doing drawing works in SGS, they unknowingly touch the back button and those apps simply quit without warning.

    It seems every app should do something on back button particularly for SGS.

    It is good that asphalt game does not quit by touching "back button".

    :) Ok , It is my long guidance. But i hope and sure you will get some ideas from my feedback,
  7. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Oh. One thing that kies is good for - converting videoes. You can convert almost every single type of video file out there into one that can be played by your phone.
  8. chopsy

    chopsy Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Brilliant post vijayrajesh.

    Please keep the responses coming, its really helping.

    vijayrajesh (or anyone else) your saying the only time it lags are just after a app download?

    I've read reviews that say the app downloads crashed more times than they worked, can anyone confirm or deny this?

    Also how does the battery fare when listening to music?
  9. Galaxysfan

    Galaxysfan Lurker

    I've downloaded at least a dozen apps and haven't seen one crash yet. I've only had my phone for a week, but the apps download works fine.

    Battery life seems to be improving as the battery gets a few cycles on it. Still, it is a recharge every night scenario. Most I've managed is 4hrs talk w/ email and some browsing, and 12 hrs total time. I haven't tried music yet. Reception in my area isn't the greatest and my phone reports it is spending 10-20% of the time looking for signal, so that has to drain the battery.

    BTW - I am using the T-mobile branded Galaxy S (Vibrant).
  10. Darkplek

    Darkplek Member

    Yeah I might comment more on this later, but for now I'll chip in and say I've never heard of apps crashing like that?

    Either way, I've downloaded load of apps, and not had any of them crash when installing. Phone slows down for a couple of seconds whilst they are installing, but picks up again after.

    I do get some lag in general but I'm hoping/figuring it will be fixed in the near updates.
  11. Darkplek

    Darkplek Member

    Like you say, the comparison has been done to death, but this is how i see it, and why i went with the samsung...

    Desire pros:

    -Has more physical controls (although the galaxy ones work fine, and i'm not sure you really need a trackball for much?)
    - HTC Sense is apparently nice (But I've no about touchwiz, it adds some nice features to the galaxy)
    - Metal construction, etc (but again that's kind of subjective.. the galaxy is lighter for being made from plastic, it's not necessarily a bad thing, doesnt bother me)
    - Has a flash on the camera (no idea what samsung were thinking o_O but hey... night mode works well?)
    -Doesnt look anything like an iPhone, haha
    - slightly more ram i think?

    Galaxy pros:

    - Much larger inbuilt memory, 8GB or 16GB compared to 512MB. Desire might include a 4GB card or something, but the Galaxy is coming with double that at least built in without an extra card, and THEN you can still add 32GB extra if you need.
    - Better processor/graphics chips
    - Nicer screen, SuperAMOLED and bigger
    - Superior, real, multitouch. i.e. 5 points vs 2 (unless i'm wrong?), and it's more responsive.
    - Bluetooth 3
    - Wireless N
    - Additional front facing camera
    - Very thin and light
    - 720p video
  12. Galaxysfan

    Galaxysfan Lurker

    Correction - the US version of the Galaxy S does not have a front facing camera. I think the international version might though.
  13. Darkplek

    Darkplek Member

    Oh, well, yes, true, I can't speak for the Americans with their two or three different types of the same bloody phone under multiple ridiculous sounding names...

    ... But in the UK the Galaxy S is just the Galaxy S, and it does have a front facing camera =]
  14. gebus1986

    gebus1986 Lurker

    With regards to the battery, I havent changed any of my connection setting like I used to with my ETC G1 (all the time) and my battery is lasting 2-3 days easy with moderate use.
    Some the samsung apps are just glorious to use and I've heard to expect better updates from Samsung in the future, and with the best chips around I would definately go for the Samsung.

    As an extra bonus as well, its comes with a two year warranty...thats quite nice to know!
  15. _ray_

    _ray_ Newbie

    hi guys,
    just curious if the 2 softkeys on the bottom of the phone are capacative and if they are used to answer phone calls.
  16. Darkplek

    Darkplek Member

    Yeah pretty sure they are capacitive. Touch sensitive anyway..

    And nah the screen is used for answering calls. You need to slide a icon in the right direction.


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