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Adobe Flash Showcase is up and running

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crenita, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. crenita

    crenita Member
    Thread Starter

    Just checked it out .. some neat stuff on there to try out our New Flash enabled Droids..

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  2. Tugdaturtle

    Tugdaturtle Well-Known Member

    It's doesn't work caused i just tryed it and it still says can't find the official adobe 10.1 File to download . SO how is yours working
  3. crenita

    crenita Member
    Thread Starter

    I downloaded Tridents apk for Flash.. and it works like a charm...
    only thing I notice the video has a little lag in the audio.. Hope that even's out over time but will have to wait and see.. . This flash Showcase has connections to TV's stations and full episodes.. so hope you get yours up and running soon.
  4. Tugdaturtle

    Tugdaturtle Well-Known Member

    I got mine to run but i am using a early beta release from adobe
  5. SoDroid

    SoDroid Android Enthusiast

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