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Support Adobe Reader KILLING battery on Transform

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Wafflebird, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Wafflebird

    Wafflebird New Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 15, 2010
    I downloaded the Adobe Reader for my phone, as you have to have this now in this day and age. Once I view an Adobe file the battery drain starts. I can not get it to stop no matter what I do, I have clered the cache in the adobe program (Settings/About phone/Applications/Manage Applications/Adobe/Clear Cache and Force Quit under the same menu) forced quit Adobe everything to no avail. The Advanced task Killer does not work either.

    I have uninstalled Adobe and re-installed it thinking that it was just maybe a botched down-load. Same thing.

    Has anyone seen this issue before? I downloaded the Adobe Branded reader?????

    The batttery life on the phone is marginal at best, I love the phone other than this one issue.


  2. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Oct 30, 2010
    Go to the market and install SystemPanel Lite, then go into the application and look at how much CPU, Mem. and storage Adobe is taking up. If it seems to be taking all of your battery's juice, the program may not be working properly for some apparent reason. Be sure to check ALL other applications when you use the SystemPanel Lite, there may be an underlying cause to why you lose battery so quickly. Once you think that you see an apparent problem, take action from there, but use SystemPanel Lite as your resource. Best of luck.


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