Jun 15, 2017
Hello all. I'm new to this forum, and i hope you can help me. I just bought an LG X power two days ago, and I've noticed that in the morning, when i unlock it for the first time, and ad pops up on the home screen. The phone came with a bunch of games pre-installed, and i got rid of them immediately. I've mostly only installed apps that I had on my previous phone, and i never had this problem with that phone. There are some apps still on my phone that came pre-installed, and i did also install Norton security after I noticed the ads, but Norton didn't detect any malware. One of the apps that came pre-installed is Amazon, which i didn't have on my other phone. Could it be that, or do you folks have any other ideas what it could be? I really appreciate your help in this.
Sounds like speedcharge, do you have any ram/battery apps? Touchpal? Any Go apps? If you do then try uninstalling them as they are usually the problem on this.
Go into Setting and look for a solid color G which stands for Google apps. Open it and search until you see Connected Apps then disconnect any apps you're not using in that list. Also if you have a launcher installed you're using other than the stock launcher it also could contain ads. Check for those things and see if you can locate the issue.