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Ads in App Inventor App (Maybe)

Discussion in 'App Inventor' started by EManU3LXX, May 14, 2012.

  1. EManU3LXX

    EManU3LXX Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    As I've looked through the forums I've seen many people asking about ads in app inventor apps. I myself have experimented with App Inventor and believe it's a valuable tool for begginers in app development.

    Anyway, I think I may have found a way to incorporate ads into apps made with app inventor, altought it would not be for the faint at heart. My theory is using tools such as APKTOOL to decompile the app (and if apks work the same as other software, this would give you the source code) You could edit this code, as well as upload t into an adSDK such as Adsense maybe? I would like to start up a discussion on this, and maybe even test it once skewl is over.


  2. korthouj

    korthouj New Member

    May 21, 2012
    Hello everybody,

    Has anyone tried the solution (idea) of EManU3LXX ? I know that App Inventor doesn't generate Java source code and so that it is not possible
    to load it into Eclipse for example. But I haven't tested reverse engineering the packaged apk's with APKTool and then see what code it contains and if something can be done with it. Like adding Licensing Code for example. Or adding Add Code so that free apps can be monetized at least a bit.

    If anyone has any ideas about this or any experience or solution, please share...

    Best regards,

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