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Hello androidforums!

In light of recent ICS cancellation for DHDs (boo HTC :mad:) I have decided to try out Blackout ICS (this will be my first time doing this so go easy on me :) ).
For the process of rooting I decided to use the Advanced Ace Hack Kit, but I'm having trouble:
when it wants to downgrade my DHD, it boots into hboot and starts checking a zip file which got uploaded before. There it says:
SD checking.. ... no image!
PD98DIAG.nbh... no image or wrong image!
and goes back into hboot after a second, where it does nothing and I have to restart the phone. I can still start up the phone and then use it normally.

What have I done wrong? What should I do?


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Double check and make sure your sd card is formatted FAT 32. If its plain FAT,or something else,the downgrade file is basically invisible.

The green writing that flashes is normal,and happens every time you boot to hboot :)


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Scotty, you were right! The SD was really just plain old FAT, not FAT32. Now I am done with AAHK. WOO! Thank you!


sorry.. probably too late for a reply... but i would like to knw where to find this ace hack kit for INCREDIBLE S... i really cant find one... help will be lot appreciated.. and the procedure to hack the phone is also needed.. :)


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Hey kfmfarhan :)

The Ace Hack Kit was developed for the Desire HD by someone who owns the phone. For help on rooting the Incredible S, you would be best looking in the root section of the Incredible S sub-forum (Incredible S - All Things Root - Android Forums)... other users of the same phone should be able to get you sorted :)

There is actually a link in the root guide sticky - - that should help you out :)
Hi, I wanted to know if you faced any difficulties during the process coz I'm about to the same. I'm disappointed with the HTC news on ICS cancellation for the DHD, so wanted to try unofficial ICS. Waiting for your reply.


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Running it is pretty easy. You just have to read the manual to make reservations you have the correct settings on your phone. After that you just follow the on screen instructions.

You should really run it on a Ubuntu 32 bit Live CD. Almost every single failed root we have had here was fixed by doing it again using Linux.