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Advanced Explorer 1.1- The Best File Explorer For Android

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pythonstw, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. pythonstw

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    Requirements: Android 2.2+
    Overview: "Advanced Explorer 1.1!" - The simplest file explorer for android.
    Quick access to all your files without folders.
    Full functions with new and fresh design.


    Advanced Explorer gives you quick access to all your files:
    No more wasting time searching in folders!
    You will get all the relevant files in your memory card
    (and external card) with one click only.
    Advanced Explorer Features:
    *Smart search engine.
    *Maintenance: Delete broken files and empty folders from your device.
    *Application Manager: Remove installed/unused apps,
    backup and restore your important apps.
    *Task Manager: Stop processes that are running in background
    to save the battery life of your device/
    *Themes management and more...

    Free Version:
    Full Version:

  2. pythonstw

    pythonstw Newbie
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    Hi everyone, google play link added.
    Please feel free to rate my app in google play if you liked it.
  3. pythonstw

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    Version 1.1 Features:
    * Bug fixes.
    * New design:
    tools and user interface.
    * Sort order selection:
    name, size and last modified.
    * New refresh method:
    manual and automatic.
    * Speed improvement.

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