Adventure Time Theme


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Hi Everyone,

I recently downloaded the Adventure Time theme with over 14 wallpapers to choose from and icons. The number one thing I want are the icons. According to this theme I have to use "Panda" or "Open Home" to use the theme. I have the programs and I can use the themes. I can also use the wallpapers on the standard "htc sense" style, which is what I want... but I just want to change the icons to Adventure Time Icons. I currently use "Folder Organizer" to have my folders/apps in alphabetical order on my screen. I also use the "Adroid" icons for the folders, which I know where they are saved. However, I can't seem to locate the Adventure Time icons anywhere! If I use the theme with "Panda" or "Open Home" it won't allow me to use the icons for folders, just standard apps.

How can I get the icons for my folders? Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can find the Adventure Time theme on the market as well.