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Advertising paid apps?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by prepixel, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. prepixel

    prepixel Lurker
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    Does anyone know of effective ways to advertise paid apps? I've heard that banner ads and pay per click don't tend to break even, let alone profit. I'm interested by pay per install but both Appbrain and Tapjoy only offer PPI for free apps (probably because conversion on paid apps is so poor).

    As far as I know the only people who offer PPI for paid apps are Flurry, but according to this blog post they will stop showing your ad if it converts badly. The minimum payment for a new campaign is $250, and that money will just sit there doing nothing if the ad is not being shown.

    Has anyone else had a positive experience advertising paid apps with flurry? Or know of anyone else who offers a similar service?

  2. GeorgeN

    GeorgeN Well-Known Member

    I tried using the sponsored lists on BestAppMarket when they were running a promotion ($1 a day), it generated around 10 downloads (of a free app) a day so not really worth while. I also managed to recruit 2 bloggers to write reviews, but I didn't notice any jump in downloads.

    If you can do a bit of free promotion (posting on forums, social networks and getting bloggers to write reviews) then go for it, but you will find that most popular blogging sites ask for $100 in exchange for a positive review.
  3. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Do you have a trial version? This can often help people decide if they want to upgrade or not.

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