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Advice for a prospective Andoid owner / developer - OS re-installs?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by manwood, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. manwood

    manwood Guest
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    Hi All

    I am about to purchase either a Desire or a N1 here in the UK. There is a


  2. manwood

    manwood Guest
    Thread Starter

    Hey, sorry to be a pain, but does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  3. grainysand

    grainysand Well-Known Member

    Feb 4, 2010
    You can't wipe and reinstall the OS. You can wipe the phone and flash/reflash a new ROM--there's a difference.

    The N1 runs vanilla Android and will get OS updates faster than a Sense UI phone, ala the Desire. Like the G1 before it, the N1's meant to be a developer's phone.

    If you root the device, yes.

    No. You wouldn't be able to install, say, Android 1.6 on it for example. You wouldn't be able to just "install" MotoBlur or Samsung's custom UI or Xperia X10's custom UI on it--all of these have to be ported, and then only if the kernels are compatible (for ex, attempts to port the X10's mediascape are failing right now because it is based on an older version of Android than what the N1 shipped with).

    If you root the Desire, you can flash a plain-Jane Android ROM on it, rendering it almost indistinguishable from a Nexus (apart, obviously, from the lack of noise-canceling mic). So I wouldn't say it justifies $300 more. If you don't want to root--but I can't imagine why not--and want vanilla Android, then go with the N1.
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