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[ADVICE] Get a nano sim!

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by 7Priest7, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. 7Priest7

    7Priest7 Guest
    Thread Starter

    This is a piece of advice for prospective t-mobile/at&t customers.

    Get a nano SIM,
    but before you do get [​IMG]this(3in1 nano sim adapter).

    The only difference between nano/micro/regular SIM cards is the amount of plastic surrounding the metal/data.

    If you get the nano sim and use adapters you will likely not see the need to get new SIMs with your new t-mobile/at&t Phones.

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  2. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    Good advice

    I may not agree with what you say, but will defend your right to say it.
  3. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Android Expert

    It's good advice but I'm worried about getting the wrong adapter. The badly made ones can damage the SIM slot part of your phone!
  4. 7Priest7

    7Priest7 Guest
    Thread Starter

    A well made phone should not have that problem.
    Sim Cards on the other hand are easy to damage.
  5. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Android Expert

    It's been proven bad adapters can bend the sim connectors on the gnex.

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