Help Advice needed for 'Superpad'


Just after a bit of advice.

I received my 'superpad' this morning and was wondering if it would be possible to install the Tim6a rom.

The specs I have got off the pad are:
MODEL - Android P1001R
VERSION - V2.3 2011-12-07 (001112)

It has two TF slots. 512MB ram, 4GB storage.

The main problem I'm having is the wireless dropping (even when I'm not moving) and is forever connecting - dropping - connecting etc etc.

I have also found that whenever I try to connect the pad wirelessly my son's PS3 and wife's laptop drop their wifi signal so could this be a problem with the router, it's all fine until I try to connect the pad!!!

I have tried searching for P1001R but have not come up with any results, so any advice and/or links would be greatly appreciated.

I have also posted these details in another part of this forum so my apologies if you stumble upon it, desperate times means desperate measures :D


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45 views and no help? Good job I sent the pile of s**te back, the only thing these pads are good for is a coaster for your dinner plate. Lesson learnt, do tons of research before parting with cash. Only plus side is that I had a 7 day returns warranty.