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Advice on how to handle external datasource

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by energyshawn, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. energyshawn

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    I am working on an app that needs to pull some data that is stored on a MS SQL 2008 Server. Basically a front end PC application submits data to this database and I want to share this data through my mobile application.

    I created a few stored procedures on the server that returns the data that I would like to reference in my app. Please note that I am only recieving data to the app and not trying to modify the database tables in anyway. The data I need to send to the app requires NO CONDITIONS so it is a simple call without passing any parameters to the DB Server. I also created a WCF REST service to handle that has a class that returns basically the data from the stored procs I want to use.

    Here is my question, what is the best way to retrieve this data from the database? I believe there are a few different ways to handle this such as;

    1. Copying the records into a SQLite DB and then transfering it to the device;
    2. Interacting with the REST service through the application;
    3. Creating a class that connects directly to the database;

    I've been trying method #2 but haven't had much luck in getting the application to consume the service. If this is the best way to handle it maybe you can point me to a tutorial on the subject that would be useful as every tutorial I've looked at so far hasn't really helped. I would think there would be some pretty simple methods on handling a datasource from an external database.

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