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Advice on How to Refuse Froyo 2.2 Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PhonerSapien, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. PhonerSapien

    PhonerSapien Member
    Thread Starter

    My Epic is just fine with 2.1, and with all the problems people have been having with the Froyo update, I've decided to refuse the 2.2 update and remain happily on 2.1. My question is, will I be given a choice over the next 5 days to politely decline the update? I certainly hope so. And if that's the case, will it keep bugging me for the update 2 weeks, 2 months from now, until my contract expires, or will I be in the clear after, say, next week? Thanks in advance.

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  2. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    If I can make a suggestion, don't refuse the update. I have no regrets in making the move. I've been running the new version for 36 hours with no problems at all. It's been nothing but benefits since upgrading. I actually like Samsung again....almost. :)

    If you're running the stock 2.1 software, then the move is practically automatic. Aside from having to reenter some passwords, I have no loss of data, and no loss of functionality. Some functions are in different places (such as silent mode), but the benefits far outweigh the risks. If you think your Epic is fine at 2.1, you'll really be happy with the performance at 2.2.

    Ultimately, of course, the decision is yours. If you still want to stay at 2.1, you might be able to disable automatic checking for updates in the Market. I don't know if that would affect the software update, or just your apps.
  3. tbenson81

    tbenson81 Newbie

    I am refusing this update also. Everyone talking about "all the benefits" and the only one I really see is flash support

    The bubble texting alone is enough for me not to make to upgrade. Plus like others have reported....all the problems people are having with their camera, web browser, lagging, text messages not sending etc.......

    My Epic works flawless on 2.1 and can get flash with Skyfire.....so basically there is no reason to upgrade. Im not messing with something that works perfectly for me. My battery is perfect also
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  4. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    I'm very lucky to have received a new Captivate with zero problems. It's been excellent for seven months.

    I'm very picky, and there's nothing wrong with this phone. I too am running Eclair ver 2.1 and do _not_ want to update.

    My phone is fun, fast & stable. A long time smartphone owner this is one of the best. It sees a lot of use as I travel for business and uptime is crucial.

    Therefore I'm going to continue enjoying this phone exactly as it is.

    I learned a long time ago to scrutinize updates. If there's nothing I _must_ have, I pass.

    Cheers ... :)
  5. BubZX

    BubZX Well-Known Member

    i havent had any problems with the update(used the dl version from samsung) i was also happy with 2.1 but froyo is so much better than what was on my phone.. at first the bubble texts was kind of annoying but the grew on me just for the fact that there 2 different colors in coming and out going. my phone is stable and runs smooth as silk. on 2.1 when i would forward a msg to some friends i had to manually put there numbers in (dont know why) now it has a button for contacts when forwarding msgs. ssaving apps to sd is a big plus for me also. and just over all apperance and workability in froyo was a major upgrade. over all i love froyo after having it for almopst 3 days now. but to each his own in what there happy with
  6. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    The bubble text would annoy the crap out of me too, so I use Handcent SMS and it took a whole total of 2.6 minutes to get it functioning just like the stock 2.1 text messages. I don't have Froyo yet, but when I do have, I'll have the look and feel of the stock 2.1 texting with Handcent. Give it a try.
  7. PhonerSapien

    PhonerSapien Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm really excited about being able to refuse the Froyo 2.2 update in the next few days and keep my phone working as well as it's working now. I'm just afraid that I'll accidentally touch the Update button when I mean to touch the Cancel button, But, other than that little twinge of trepidation, I'm ready - bring it on!
  8. PhonerSapien

    PhonerSapien Member
    Thread Starter

    A little demon inside me countermanded my own advice - the OTA just got pushed to my phone, and is being installed now...
  9. DebL

    DebL Guest

    wow; what to do... I got a replacement phone yesterday (I was not getting any 4G) and the tech support guy said, don't update...yet. He said he's getting a few calls regarding the issues with camera, etc. Maybe it was just his way of saying, we are slow and it's not your turn yet. Can you go back if it's not working well on your phone? I am also seriously considering rooting, but I am not a techie (yet) and there are so many different instructions out there.

    Love your website and all the help offered!
  10. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Android Enthusiast

    just keep having it remind u later or whatever the damn option is. that's how I did it with some earlier updates but eventually gave in to stop the annoying message lol
  11. PhonerSapien

    PhonerSapien Member
    Thread Starter

    Well the OTA update installed, and fortunately I'm not encountering any of the reported problems, except with the stock browser - the exising bookmarks square is gone form the browser - window, but you can still open it by clicking on the star on the upper right of the browser. Also, the pinch zoom in the stock browser seems a bit flakey, but maybe that is just intentional changed behavior.

    One difference I seem to notice (or imagine) is in the grid mode on the applications screen - when you swipe to the left or right, there seems to be less of a responsive "floating" quality - it just abruptly moves to the next page of icons. But, again, this may be an intentional modification. It also seems as if the icons are slightly smaller, and it's easier to accidentally hit one when swiping horizontally through the program icons, which is annoying. There are some new program icons added to, which is nice, but the Browser icon has been changed to Internet, which makes it harder to instantly locate.

    I don't like the Select icon being added to the top pull-down bar in that that makes the other icons smaller, but I may grow to like that it is now easier to put the phone into silent mode.

    So I don't regret doing the upgrade so far.
  12. TheEngineer

    TheEngineer Android Enthusiast

    After all the groaning from Epic owners for this very belated update, it is surprising that some now do not want it.

    My advice, perform the upgrade then hard reset your Epic so that the cache will be cleared properly. Yeah, it's a pain but how often do you load a major upgrade?

    Froyo is a significant improvement over Eclair
  13. digitool

    digitool Member

    I hate to see people not wanting it... I'm dying for it!!! It's yet to be pushed to my handset and I cannot get my computer here at work or at home to acknowledge my phone is even connected via USB! *sigh*...
  14. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    Mine upgraded this am. Several of us no longer have calendar sync (mine w/ Google Calendar) did you check to see if yours is working?
  15. rmingee

    rmingee Well-Known Member

    There are quite a few posts already explaining how to fix this by clearing the calendar data. Go to

    Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications

    Then select "All" along the top

    Scroll down to "Calendar Storage", select, hit "Clear data", and you'll have your calendar back in a few minutes.

    -- roberrt
  16. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    Thanks for the info. Actually found it just after posting to you; I'm all set. ; cleared the phone cache thinking that would be enough, didn't think of going right in to clear the app. Doh!
  17. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    I seem to remember seeing this as an option somewhere in the phone. I stumbled on it when I was looking for another function, but I don't remember where I found it. You can choose three levels of (for lack of a better term) animation, from nothing, to full.

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