advice please 4g vs 3g


im a verizon customer. For basic internet browsing and youtube watching. do you feel that a 4g single core phone provides a better/faster browsing experience than say a 3g dual core Droid x2? i guess bottom line is... does band width or processor rule?


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Yes, 4G will be faster. The question is, is 3G fast enough or do you NEED something faster? Personally, as it stands, I'm more than happy with 3G. It browses and does youtube just fine, and it even gives me a sharp picture and continuous playback in netflix.

But you may feel differently. Go to a store and try it out?
I aint gon lie, personally I was cool with the EDGE i had on my OG iPhone. So my suggestion is if you dont NEED 4G you will be fine with 3G. Especially since 4G is still in theoretical infancy.....


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as your question goes... for browsing needs...which is not very CPU intensive... the Data speed would be your bottle neck.
4G on single core would be faster than 3G on Dual core.

for things that are more CPU intensive and data is small... example online gaming with multiple players and heavy graphics....
CPU and memory will be your biggest needs.