Advice with ROM Upgrade

Hi all a few questions if all ok been reading and reading and all i have managed to do is confuse myself.

I am Currently running



Now i have rooted the phone and installed the full version off Titanium Backup and Uninstalled all the garbage preinstalled games i could not remove and also froze all the samsung hub's and a few other things like the aucuweather etc.

I did all the rooting part as was hoping that it would help with my battery life but it have not really made a difference.

I have been reading that XXKG5 will improve the battery alot. But i dont know what one i need or if i can flash onto my phone.

Also do i need to unfreeze every thing to update rom ? and last question after installing the new rom would i just get root the same way i did befor.

Sorry for being dence people thing i been reading to much into it now.


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This one seems to work fine for most people.
Re root using CF root method but use the KG5 Kernels.
You do not need to unfreeze anything. Any system apps that have been uninstalled will be re installed. I believe frozen apps will remain frozen maybe someone could confirm?

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Cheers Bud, Much appreciated.

If someone could confirm about unfreezing apps though please, As currently 2 months in a 2 year contract don't really need a bricked phone :)


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not sure what you're asking - if you've followed this webpage instructions and got root already, no need to do anything else.

CF root is just a different method of rooting, and does the same as the one-click root method you used.

do you mean you don't know which file you need to update your KF4 firmware to KG5???

in answer to the freezing apps question, it really should not change if you flash an update, so no need to worry. especially if you have already installed titanium backup - as long as you've backed up apps/data etc you will always be able to restore if anything changes.