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ADW.Launcher: Closest Thing To Android 2.2 Yet!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by ChadLovesDroid, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. ChadLovesDroid

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    As everyone knows there will be an android system update to 2.2 coming shortly. However, like 2.1, the release is completely unknown. ADW Launcher brings you the same set up as expected in android 2.2 and runs smoothly on Motorola Droid 2.1 OS.

    Also, what I really like about this application is that it brings the HTC Sense effect to any phone running this application. What this specifically means is that, on your home screen(s), you can pinch your screen to get a thumbnail version of each screen and select one to go to automatically, rather than scroll through them one by one.

    Another unique feature (though I find it hard to handle sometomes) is rather than sliding your menu button to your applications up to view them, you just click on the middle button. They give you a phone button to the left (which takes you directly to your phone) and a browser button to your right. If you scroll the middle button up, it turns into a little down arrow. This allows you to add an Apple type icon bar with shortcuts to your favorite applications.

    For those of you wondering what I mean, since I cannot screen shot an application, here is the image to a Mac Task bar (also similar to that of a Windows 7 Task Bar): [​IMG]


    Another feature that is added to this application is actually in your menu section where you scroll through your applications. Instead of scrolling up or down, you scroll by page. The ADW User Interface is completely customizable by clicking your Menu button on the home page and clicking "ADW Settings" from there you can customize the icon scaling size, oriendtation sensor (enabling you to change the view of your phone to landscape when your phone turns on the home page), select the number of "desktop" screens; default is 5 and you can have up to 7.

    All in all - Very smooth, customizable to your likings, and adds some of the nice features from HTC to any phone running ADW. I haven't experienced any bugs or crashes, and it hasn't slowed my phone down at all. I compare it to what Android 2.2 is said to be like when it comes to the User Interface.


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