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ADW.Launcher: Lightning in a Bottle, er, phone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jeffdroid, Jun 8, 2010.

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    After going for a wild ride on the carousel of launchers for Android out in the wild (Helix Launcher, Clockworkmod, Launcher Pro, stock, etc.) the ADW.Launcher has clearly established itself as my favorite of the group. Lightning quick, frighteningly powerful and stable(!) this launcher offers you a wealth of control for everyone’s favorite mobile operating system. You can choose up to 7 screens, a froyo-esque dockbar, scrolling speed options, organize your drawer to the nth degree, animation options, highlight options (!) and you can even make use of an additional row of hidden icons by scrolling up on the drawer button! There are other options, too countless to mention here.
    Upon first testing the launcher I found scrolling between screens to be nimble and quick, and the inclusion of the screen previews á la HTC Sense is a welcome addition. The drawer snaps to attention with an elegance and smoothness worthy of this operating system. If possible, this launcher is even faster if you have live wallpapers turned off. Finally, what caps it off for me is it’s friendliness with custom icons. I use Better Cut to integrate my own icons and they translate perfectly. A couple of minor (very minor) nitpicks I have is on rare occasions it will force close, and when you are scrolling in between screen I do notice a slight loss in image quality on the widgets. However, this is a very slight observation and I am a graphic designer, so I may be the only person on the planet who notices this ;) I thought the Helix Launcher was the best custom launcher out there (sorry Launcher Pro) until I graced my Droid with this. Outstanding props to the developers of this app and much respect. We are in your debt.


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