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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aggressor2323, May 30, 2010.

  1. aggressor2323

    aggressor2323 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I don't know how many people know about the ADW.Launcher but it was just released about a week ago and it is extremely good. Smooth, fast, extremely customizable. I would definitely take a look at this new home replacement, it is now my everyday home. And its FREE and it's for all phones rooted or not rooted.

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  2. Dillon610

    Dillon610 Lurker

    Yep its amazing
  3. runLoganrun

    runLoganrun Member

    I had a problem with the themed (nexbeast) version of this launcher. it wouldn't allow me to put icons on home screen from App Organizer.
  4. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    Best, least laggy, most stable home replacement (plus, up to 8 persistent shortcuts). Developer working at a high level to add features and improve. Recommended.
  5. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Make sure you try Launcher Pro as well...considered by many to be superior to ADW in terms of maintaining speed/smoothness over time, though YMMV of course. I was an ADW bigot until I tried Launcher Pro... :) Free in the Market...more info at link below:

  6. aggressor2323

    aggressor2323 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How do you get up to 8 persistent shortcuts? I have been playing with it forever and can't figure it out. I am unrooted and hope this can be done.
  7. IxI Dan IxI

    IxI Dan IxI Well-Known Member

    What exactly does this do?

    Screen shots would be great!
  8. aggressor2323

    aggressor2323 Newbie
    Thread Starter

  9. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    It's called a "Home screen replacement" or "launcher replacement" - it replaces the home screen and app tray on your Droid. Nothing is removed - you can always switch back to the stock home screen (called "Home" if you want to after trying an alternate home screen app).

    There are any number of home screen/launcher replacements available in the market, but the two that are generally considered the best at the moment are Launcher Pro and ADW. Launcher Pro runs better (much better) for me than ADW, for others ADW is preferred. Best bet is to try them both and see for yourself.

    Also get "Home Switcher" from the Market to allow you to see what home screens you have installed, and switch between them, and change which is the default.

    Also, if you start playing around with home screens make sure you only keep widgets on one home screen app at a time - i.e., don't have a calendar widget running on both ADW and Launcher Pro at the same time, that can lead to general performance issues...

    None of above requires root.
  10. El Blacksheep

    El Blacksheep Android Enthusiast

    I absolutely hated Launcher Pro, uninstalled it only minutes after installing it.

    Loved ADW for a few days, until it started FCing and bootlooping endlessly. So I dumped it when I switched to BBeast v1.1 for Pete's stock launcher. It's also pretty screwy when booting up :(

    *patiently awaiting Froyo's launcher*
  11. mbaverizon

    mbaverizon Well-Known Member

    it keeps forclosing on my droid, deleated it
  12. Titaniac

    Titaniac Well-Known Member

    I get GREAT results with ADW. I just wish that if you disable the desktop dots in the dockbar, it would give you the option to add two additional customizable quicklaunch shortcuts. Otherwise it is very fast and smooth.
  13. athack

    athack Newbie

    in my opinion adw is not as smooth as launcher pro... you need to be able to make icons ( on the launcher dock) bigger then what is allowed in the settings
  14. Larkitect

    Larkitect Newbie

    i quickly got rid of launcher pro when i didn't see an option to remove icon names. helix launcher got me used to that feature. i just installed adw today after a quick "launcher" search when the new helix launcher .8 started going crazy on me.

    i have to say i like it. it might stay awhile. there's a lot of things to like about it.
  15. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    If you turn down the scroll delay to 0, as well as the overshoot to 0, it is just as fast (if not faster) than LauncherPro.

    The only thing LP has ADW beat in is the icon fly in animation. Then again, I'm still waiting for the option in LP to turn that feature off :p (ADW has this option)
  16. doomedromance

    doomedromance Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, even the developer said LP's is better. But I have mine set to the minimum (300) so its super quick and I don't notice lag or anything. I don't have my scroll and overshoot to 0 but its pretty close. I like the speed with a bit of looks.
  17. obutto

    obutto Android Enthusiast

    I don't know. I tried both LP and ADW, I just like the smoothness on LP. ADW you can set the scroll delay to 0, but you still get some little stops when you switch screens. My LP is completely smooth like an iPhone. Also I love the smoothness when going to app menu, ADW is still laggy here.
  18. SSinisterSS

    SSinisterSS Android Enthusiast

    helix 0.8 is out???
  19. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    This was just on Ander Webbs' twitter, and I though I'd share it with you guys:

    ADW.Launcher 0.7.5 (and hints) | ADW Things

    One thing of importance regarding the 'LWP Support/Wallpaper Hack". If you have it enabled, it uses Eclair's built in wallpaper support (basically makes the launcher transparent and lets the system draw the wallpaper). This is necessary if you are using LWP, but actually results in slower drawing if you use a static wallpaper.

    LauncherPro handles wallpapers similarly (draws them within the launcher if they are static, makes the launcher transparent if they are live).

    So I tried disabling LWP support with ADW...and what happened? The scrolling is damn near instant! So if you're not using LWP, go ahead and uncheck that box and let it fly!
  20. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    tried both.. agree with several above posts, LP is smoother.. for me it is better.. had a lot of FC's with ADW, but that could just be me
  21. Pfilly

    Pfilly Android Enthusiast

    I tried to like the ADW.Launcher but something about the scrolling seems sloppy. Launcherpro seems to scroll to the next screen and stop while ADW just seems to linger when I go from screen to screen.
  22. Bigdaddy2009

    Bigdaddy2009 Newbie

    It lags alot more than launcher pro. even with tweaking all settings. made my whole phone laggy. swiping to answer, bringing up widget options and placing phone calls. the screens hesitate before going to where you want to go. Not like all crazy but there is some lag. Launcher pro has none. ADW is very good but so far it is my number 2, with LP in number 1 spot
  23. doomedromance

    doomedromance Android Enthusiast

    I don't get it. I don't see any difference. Like the app drawer lags with it enabled? Switching screens and app drawer I get no lag with it enabled or disabled. I can also have a live wallpaper working with touch, with it enabled and disabled.
  24. JerryB

    JerryB Newbie

    I have read a number of people claiming that ADW is laggy, it is not. I find the only way to not have lag on Helix (which I used to used) and ADW (which I use now) or really any other home replacement application is to limit your number of screen to 3.

    I know it seems difficult but, all of your important apps (and a bunch of unimportant apps) can fit easily on three screens. All of the apps you barely use can just be in your app drawer (which ADW allows you to customize).

    If you are rooted and overclocked to 1ghz, you can probably squeeze out one or two more home screens, but if your just using stock Droid, then realize the limitations of the hardware if you want a smooth and fast interaction.
  25. King_Bean

    King_Bean Well-Known Member

    Eh, if a home replacement is really good, users shouldn't have to limit themselves. That's just my opinion. I've been using LauncherPro with 7 homescreens, LWP, tons of widgets/icons with virtually ZERO lag (I'm rooted but I'm not overclocked). I tried ADW with LWP and zero widgets (other than the google search bar) and it was very laggy. In my opinion, ADW has some awesome features but it's only downfall is it's lack of smoothness and snapiness (relative to LauncherPro). I'd probably choose ADW over Helix, though.

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