Oct 3, 2020
My security check has come up with adware and it cannot be deleted. So it's a security risk. Samsung went into my tablet and the file isn't even in the tablet files but still getting the same ad ware security issue. Originally I was looking up V8 featured apps. All kinds of posts about the government phones through Assuranceand the adware problems. I have to say my UMXU 693CL, is the biggest piece of crap I've ever encountered for a device . This is my second phone and I'll be talking to someone and all of a sudden they can't hear me so the screen goes black you have to hold the screen after you use the power button then put in your passcode try to find the phone app and switch it to speakerphone or regular and sometimes they have to do with a couple times.
Of course you get overseas customer service who do not know anything about the products will talk over you to tell you all they know and what they're reading. They repeat my problem to me and it's nothing I said. I asked for a supervisor and they never called me back in 15 minutes as promised. The FCC regulates any telecommunications. And if this is a United States government phone but the customer service was outsourced overseas. You have no recourse.

Listen to this and listen close!
If you ever call customer service for any company and you get overseas it's the law in the United States that you have the right to ask for someone to speak to in United States. If they do not or say they cannot you tell them it's the law and if they do not connect you with someone in the United States call the FCC and fire the complaint.
Again what the hell bring the jobs back people in United States for these companies consult the problem in minutes you fight with these people overseas.