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Oct 29, 2009
So...to start off this story i will say that i've been on these forums since the droid came out and i've already read several other stories of people having "random" weird problems of things just turning on by themselves.. and turning off..

Well I never had any of these problems personally so when i read about them I kept saying to myself wow i sure hope that doesn't happen to me! knock on wood..

Well today.. it happened..

I woke up this morning and got ready for work, and as i headed out the door i grabbed my droid off the Dock, check an email or 2, then put it into sleep mode. (That's all i did was check an email)

As i'm driving into work i decided to stop and grab a smoothie on the way in, so I get there.. and as i'm standing in line i felt something REALLY hot in my pocket, i pulled out my droid and it was MELTING HOT...i turned it over and the CAMERA was turned on...

WTF?? So how long was it on for?? basically the camera randomly turned itself on, and out of my phone being Locked as well...

What's next? i'm afraid this thing is going to self destruct, Am i going to have to keep a close eye on this thing to make sure random Apps don't turn on??

i mean just the other day some other forum poster was commenting on how some App had installed itself on his phone even, and it was paid for, and he never boughtit! LOL
I am under the impression that they are evolving and becoming self aware, this is a plot from google to take control of the world.

but in all seriousness Im not sure what to tell you. is there any way you might of hit the camera button before putting it to sleep? I just tried this turned on the camera and put the device to sleep, the woke it up and unlocked it and the camera was still running.
Was it still running and the screen was black?

Because mine was actually on (the screen)

Like i could see the video on screen of the camera being on.
yeah i just tried that as well,. and it did keep the camera turned on.

But it was stil locked.

When i pulled my phone out of my pocket it was unlocked and the camera was on.
Remember the phone will turn on by the button on the side. You sure you didn't smash that button while it was in your pocket?

I don't know if you can disable that button at all with settings though.
It looks like you purchased an Imperial Probe Droid.

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I just had an experience yesterday that I wanted to share. The symptoms were the same as described above - phone hot, screen on, battery dead. The cause may be similar too.

I'm 90% sure what caused it for me: the GPS app that I was running ("My Tracks") set a property that told the Droid not to let the screen go to sleep. This combined with the app's increased CPU usage, GPS usage, network usage, all at once, combined to give me a hot phone, dead battery, with the screen not automatically going asleep after 15 seconds as normal.

The blame should be shared equally between the app and the droid. First, the app should have allowed the screen to go blank IF its activity was backgrounded - in onPause(). Second, the Droid should have noticed that the activity was paused and so it doesn't need for the screen to be kept awake because its activity is no longer active.

So it seems if there is an app that sets the "don't let the screen go to sleep" property, that app must relinquish that setting when it gets paused, otherwise the droid won't be allowed to go to sleep automatically.