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after 12 hours, battery at 60%

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Carador, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Carador

    Carador Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Is this good or considered average?

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  2. sleedeane

    sleedeane Android Expert

    It depends on what you've been using the phone for over the last twelve hours
  3. Fred Bassett

    Fred Bassett Member

    Consider what battery life you'd have left on your old phone. 60 sounds good to me
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  4. MrsNorris151

    MrsNorris151 Lurker

    that is good compared to what i get....I'm losing about 10% an hour. but I am a heavy phone user.
  5. skraggy

    skraggy Newbie

    Good. Even with the MAXX some days I drain it to 10% in 12 hours due to heavy use.
  6. mauiblue

    mauiblue Android Enthusiast

    Right now, I'm at 77 percent after 15 hours of hard use. Lots of 4G data use, texting, bluetooth, music, some phone use.
  7. cdf3

    cdf3 Well-Known Member

    Wish I could say the same. I checked my battery a few minutes ago. It was at 39% after 16 hours of moderate use.
    It was on 4G all day. I'm assuming I might be in a poor reception area.
  8. Fred Bassett

    Fred Bassett Member

    Hmmm got to say that this does not sound very believeable. Your going to need to prove it
  9. ferndchamp

    ferndchamp Newbie

  10. cwagmire

    cwagmire Newbie

    Hard to compare. I usually have to look at my battery usage alone with my battery percentage to really see if I'm getting good battery life or not. That being said, I've never had issues with my phone dying before the day is over. I'd say I'm a moderate-heavy user.
  11. Clintro

    Clintro Newbie

    any day I get thru the day on one charge is a good day...LOL!!
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  12. mauiblue

    mauiblue Android Enthusiast

    Looks like I was mistaken on my usage. After checking a couple battery apps I have I've not worked the phone as hard as I thought I did when I posted on this forum after only a few days of ownership.:rolleyes:. The past week after only four hours of light/moderate use, I'm down to 70% battery capacity on average. I did get the OTA update a few days ago since I've initially posted on this thread. My apologies for posting my misinformation. I don't mean to mislead anyone.

  13. Markus729

    Markus729 Android Enthusiast

    Since the latest OTA update, my battery is averaging 15-18 hours and gets down to about 40-50% when i plug in before I go to bed. Moderate usage. Bluetooth on the drives to and from work, no movies, no music, no games. But I do use it for a lot of RSS reading, emails, news, sports updates, grocery app, Evernote, Springpad, all of which require the screen to be on for long periods at a stretch.
  14. 2BH

    2BH Member

    picking mine up tomorrow after 3 years with OG DInc. Can't wait fo the battery and screen :D
  15. vampire5003

    vampire5003 Lurker

    You won't be disappointed. I had the GNexus and the phone had the worst signal problems! We're talkin dropped calls, but sometimes even no data at all! The Razr Maxx is a great phone! The screen is good (960X540), but I have seen better (HTC Rezound, GNexus, and Galaxy S3). Verizon's having a great deal, it's called the double your data deal. I went from $50 dollars a month for 5GB to $50 a month for 10GB. Extra Data is important, because I watch a ton of hulu plus and youtube vid; I use up data like water! Lastly, I would pick up a Steinheil/SGP screen protector (in my experience Gorilla Glass scratches pretty easily). Almost forget, the Otterbox Commuter and Defender series are supposed to be really good!

    I think you are making a wise decision! :p,

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  16. 2BH

    2BH Member

    I am grandfathered in with the unlimited business data plan ($44) from a few years back and I have never used more than 650MB in a month with my DInc... gotta feeling thats going to change:rolleyes:
  17. joshica

    joshica Member

    I hate to tell you but....I think you are in denial. I think that would be considered heavy usage by most people. I think anyone that would use their phone more that you would be super heavy users. :D It is allowed to plug a phone in during the day too. I am a heavy user, and I plug in at night after about 16 hours of use and I'm usually at 50%. Last night I plugged in after 18 hours and I was at 21% (was on the phone all day, calls, calendar, YouTube, 100's of messages with message popups, weather alerts all over our area and much more.
  18. alancorp

    alancorp Member

    Wow, you got a DInc back in spring 2009? :eek: I thought I got mine early when I received it Early April 2010 a few weeks before it was officially released.
  19. 2BH

    2BH Member

    feels like it was that long ago but apparently, it wasn't
  20. alancorp

    alancorp Member

    Just messing with you. Yeah I know how you feel. A lot of people exaggerate how long they've had a phone. In the beginning of the year, people would say they've had the DInc for over 2 years when in reality it was only 1.5 years. But, you took the cake when you said 3 years. :rofl:
  21. 2BH

    2BH Member

    Got mine yesterday (gave DInc to wife ;)) 22 hours later and I still have 40% battery from "out of the box" charge. NICE
    I read somewhere to let it drain completely and shut down, then charge up with power off for the first full charge. Dunno if that will be relevant to battery life but figured WTF, it's the weekend anyway :rolleyes:

    Taking quite a bit to get used to Moto over HTC Sense, liking Moto much more than Sense.
  22. STEye

    STEye Newbie

    I think that is good battery life. If you're in a bad reception area, your battery tends to drain faster. All-in-all I would be happy with it.
  23. 2BH

    2BH Member

    I am ecstatic!
  24. mrteeth

    mrteeth Well-Known Member

    OK...then there's gotta be something wrong with my phone. Got out of bed this morning at 8am. Took it off the charger and off to the office. Got there at 9am and turned on my radio app (Tunein Radio). Ran it until 12pm when I went to lunch. Didn't do anything over lunch with the phone. Got back from lunch at 1pm and ran radio app until 4pm. At 5pm, it's at 40%.

    I just read on here someone running heavy apps for 10 hours and they are at 70%?

    How's that possible? All I've done is played my radio app. That's it. Is that draining all the juice? BTW, I also have juice defender.

    Tell me what I'm doing wrong or what settings I have that is draining this. Because I had a DINC before this and did the same routine. Around 5-6pm, I'm ready for another charge. This thing isn't providing me with that much more.
  25. Spydaz

    Spydaz Newbie

    Get rid of the task manager.

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