Root After AceHack root


Hey people,

Gonna take this one step at a time. I rooted a while ago using AceHack 1 click thing. All I wanna know now is the next step for using a custom ROM.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm assuming I have to install a couple of things to backup etc?

Am I correct that I use apps to backup apps / messages / pictures?

I'm assuming everything on the SD card will be fine and not wiped?

Then I download the zipped rom place on SD card an after everything is backd up use Rom manager to flash the rom on?

Anything I'm missing?


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If you rooted using the Hack Kit, then you will have the custom recovery (ClockWorkMod) on your phone already... this is used to actually flash ROM's.

You can get Titanium Backup to back up your app data (if you get the paid version, you can batch backup/restore, whereas the free version is an app at a time). Your contacts should be backed up with your Gmail account (you can sync them... well worth doing) and any apps you have downloaded are linked to your account too... when you log back in to your account on Google Play, the paid apps will automatically download (any free ones will be in the list of downloaded apps, but usually need to be re-downloaded). You can also backup your call log and text messages with apps available in Google Play.

Essentially, you have the install method correct... there are a few extra steps with some ROM's, but they usually tell you in the OP of the thread you download the ROM from. Don't use ROM manager to flash the ROM though :)

You would need to:

Put the ROM on the root of your SD card (as in, not in any folders).
Boot in to recovery (turn phone off, then turn back on while holding the volume down button).
Back up your current ROM in ClockWorkMod (CWM) - use the volume keys to navigate and the power button to select.
Perform all wipes - wipe data/factory reset AND wipe cache (again in CWM)
Install zip from SD card (again in CMW)
Reboot system

This should then boot in to the new ROM... if there are any problems, check in here and someone will try to help you :)


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Cheers - just installed Android Revolution didnt take long at all and went perfectly. Proper simple! Will probably check out a few roms over the coming weeks, if I'm not distracted by my new Asus transformer prime :D


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Good, good... glad you're sorted... you'll be surprised how addictive flashing ROM's becomes.

My main piece of advice is ALWAYS make a backup before you do anything... it's saved my bacon a couple of times :)

You've got a Transformer Prime... very nice! If it's new, I guess you're likely to be playing that for a while yet then ;)