Dec 6, 2011
I can no longer hear the other side when making or receiving a call. I have to put them on speaker in order to hear anything. Not sure if this is due to an app, setting or whatever. Just seeking advice.

I have recreated all of my user profiles and adjusted the sound volumes. I have also tried a few known fixes like turning the volume all the way down then bringing it all the way up. Nothing as of yet has worked even the slightest. Volume for everything else but calls seems to be working just fine.

My first Triumph phone had rebooting issues. I got it from the black Friday sale. So they sent me a new one.l To the best of my knowledge that one works fine.

Any help regarding this issue would be much appreciated!
Hello and sorry to hear about your troubles. I moved your thread to the all things root section to see if you can get some answers/help there to get your issue fixed.

Good luck!
have you found a solution? i'm no expert but it seems like you're the only one having this issue maybe a fresh install could solve the problem just make sure to download the zip files again just to make sure.

if not then you probably have a bad phone
Let me start off by saying that I am definitely not an expert on anything regarding phones... But, in the interest of possibly being able to help you I tried making a call to my brother (who also has a Triumph (stock) and also wanted to test it)

It worked just fine on both ends of the call... So, you might want to reflash, or go back to stock, and try it again...if that doesn't work, get a replacement :-/
Ugh, my replacement Triumph is doing this now. If I turn on Speakerphone I hear the other party, voicemail or person, but without speakerphone on there is no volume even though it is turned up all the way.