Root After flashing new ROM, no Navigon


Hy all,

I recently flashed my rom to Insertcoin. It was good, but not so smooth, and Navigon didn't work (com.process.navigon stopped working, or sth like that).

So I decided to try out Redux 2, it was really smooth, but Navigon was failing still...

Finally, I tried cynanogen, but the same issue occured...

I have tried to reinstall Navigon several times, still... now I'm back to Redux, but it is still not working...

If anyone can help me how to fix my problem, it would be appriciated :)


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well, at first i didnt wip the cache, but before restoring redux, several hours ago, I did wipe the cache, and now it seems to work, but I am not convinced, tomorrow I'm gonna try it in action, and we'll see


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If I remember correctly, Navigon v2.x doesn't work with Android 2.3.x (Gingerbread) - only version 3.61(-ish) and above will work with newer android builds. :)