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After ICS, which bloatware can I disable/uninstall safely? [LIST]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NeutralNovice, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. NeutralNovice

    NeutralNovice Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey all, now that we have ICS, we should be able to disable much of the bloatware AT&T puts on the phone.

    I was hoping that I could get help in compiling a list of bloatware that would be safe to uninstall/disable on the stock ICS.

    Unfortunately, I already ran into a problem regarding AT&T's Ready2Go app. According to the App Info in settings, I can not disable or uninstall it. I'd want to disable other apps but you get that disclaimer about the App affecting other apps or whatever--I'm not too tech savvy and afraid to mess up my phone.

    Please help me expand the list below for other users! I will update the list as other users reply with their suggestions.


    To Disable:

    To Uninstall:

    Unable to Uninstall or Disable:

    • AT&T Ready2Go


  2. TheGeek

    TheGeek Android Enthusiast

    I removed all bloatware by rooting my phone and using Titanium backup--no problems here.

    Even removed TouchWiz and replaced it with Nova Launcher Prime.
  3. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Android Enthusiast

    I disabled most bloaware and like TG i removed TW and am using nova launcher
  4. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Android Enthusiast

    But to start the list anything saying at&t i uninstalled or disabled
  5. johnb41

    johnb41 Well-Known Member

    It's not simply being on ICS that allows you to remove bloatware. You could always remove bloatware, by rooting, etc. This thread reminds me that I need to remove all that crap too. :)
  6. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love

    There are some people like me that will probably never have the desire/need to root. It is nice that ICS allows the removal of much of the bloatware without rooting.:)
  7. NeutralNovice

    NeutralNovice Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree... I probably have enough technical expertise to initially root my phone but if anything goes bad after the root or if I need to unroot, then I will probably run into issues. The reason for that is because it will probably have been a month or more before I might run into problems or need to unroot and by then, I will have forgotten how I exactly rooted the phone in the first place LOL.

    Also, stock seems to be perfectly fine for me, but I'd just want to get rid of the bloat in the hopes of improving the experience with the device.

    So... without rooting, has anyone been successful in disabling the Ready2Go app?
  8. TheGeek

    TheGeek Android Enthusiast

    I uninstalled Ready2Go without any issues.

    I'm on a custom ROM now.
  9. eaa315

    eaa315 Newbie

    Which ROM?
  10. TheGeek

    TheGeek Android Enthusiast

    Don't bother with that ROM; it's crap.

    Damn thing is acting up with Nova Launcher and widgets. It freezes and gives you half your home screen, app drawer is empty, I have to dig around for window I can launch nova settings in and restart it.
  11. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert

    I am running the Rooted Stock ICS (the official release with Root), uninstalled many of the bloatware AT&T apps and am running TW5 (5x6) and S3 widgets as well as SVoice. No need for a custom ROM for me and it's all stable and butter smooth.

    I don't plan to do any Custom ROMs until JB ROM's start to drop and are stable (don't want to have to flash updates every other day).

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