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After Jelly Bean update tab wont charge

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Candyland913, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Candyland913

    Candyland913 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After the recent update my Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 will not charge anymore. It attempts to charge where you see the yellow bar increasing then it stops after 2 seconds. I have tried charging it through the wall and my computer with the same results. Any ideas?

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  2. steve1311

    steve1311 Lurker

    Have you been using the original wall charger that came with the tablet? Having the same issue but think I may need original wall charger
  3. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Member

    Please use the ORIGINAL charger that came with your tab. It charges at 2amps, not the usual USB charging rate of 500mA, which the computer charges.
  4. I think the op said he had tried the wall charger? Im having the same issue. Its plugged into the wall but the battery icon has a red x and it says discharging in the battery section. If i switch it off it behaves very strange. The charging icon is now gold instead of blue(figure thats just part of the update) and earlier it wouldnt do anything when i tried to charge it. Then it started showing the charge icon for a second and then would go off. Then it showed a yellow triangle and just sat on that before finally the charging icon started moving. I thought ok it now works but no. Left it charging for hours and just switched it on to find its only at 15 percent and it still wont charge switched on and plugged in. It should have been at 100 percent by now if it was actually charging. i own many samsung products including the s3, s2, series 7 laptop, smart tv and dvd player but i must say these tablets are crap. Own two of them and one wont update over the wifi or that excuse for software known as kies and this one that did update wont charge now.
    Has anyone else had this issue or have any ideas on how to fix it? cheers
  5. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Member

    Hopefully the wall chargers that you guys have are not faulty. Something does not seem to flying right...:trytofly:The charger issue is not a new one. If you do a forum search, you will find that it has been, or continues to be, a problem for many.
  6. Janeling

    Janeling Lurker

    I have the exact problem OP mentioned.
    Could you clarify by "wall charger..." what you mean? I have a USB cable (energizer, i lost the original one) that then plugs into a Samsung Travel Adapter that I got with my galaxy. Does this still count as "USB" even though I am charging it from the wall?
  7. AnciusD

    AnciusD Android Enthusiast

    Yes. There are 2 parts, the 30-pin/USB cable and the AC plug (travel adapter in Samsung terms) that the cable fits into. It sounds like maybe the replacement cable you have is faulty or not compatible with the tablet - unless you've used it successfully before?
  8. skramblr

    skramblr Well-Known Member

    The tab will charge from either power source. The increased current rating only reduces the amount of time to reach a full charge. It does not affect the ability of the device to charge.
  9. skramblr

    skramblr Well-Known Member

  10. Rebmo

    Rebmo Lurker


    Tried the reboot tips, plugging in to a PC still a dead tablet. The empty batter shows up then it goes 25%, 50% gold battery fill and then dies. I called Samsung. They were VERY helpful. The lady walked me through a few diagnostic steps. One she had me do was plug into a PC and asked if it recognized the tablet on the PC. The PC did not recognize the tablet. With that step she was fairly certain it was the cable or the Tablet itself. She recommended going to Best Buy (where we bought it) and asking to try one of their chargers. We did that and it went to 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% gold bar on the batter charging icon and repeated (normal charging cycle). So Best Buy just gave us a new cable (we had bought it less than 30 days ago). All is well. The cable we were given is a "rocketfish" so not a Samsung replacement. Samsung was careful to recommend only a Samsung replacement but we'll see. It was definitely a defective cable in our case. Perhaps some of the fixes may just be wiggling a intermittent cable and later a fail (caution on that).

    Good luck all!

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