After renaming a button it no longer works

Hi forum.
I've a strange problem...
I was debugging my simple app and all it worked, after I renamed a button all button didn't work... So I tried to make a new app with only a button and this has the same problem

public class MainActivity extends WearableActivity {

Button test;

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
test = (Button) findViewById(;
test.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View view) {

// Enables Always-on
public void sendMessage(View view) {

In the logCat I see this info

2021-03-07 11:10:34.844 19294-19294/com.example.tennisgame W/ViewRootImpl[MainActivity]: Cancelling event due to no window focus: MotionEvent { action=ACTION_CANCEL, actionButton=0, id[0]=0, x[0]=62.996155, y[0]=75.99426, toolType[0]=TOOL_TYPE_FINGER, buttonState=0, metaState=0, flags=0x0, edgeFlags=0x0, pointerCount=1, historySize=0, eventTime=15866864, downTime=15866744, deviceId=0, source=0x1002 }
2021-03-07 11:10:40.400 2468-19241/ E/HOME: [ClockworkHome]Rescheduling failed periodic task StorePhoneSettingsCallable

Can somebody help me?