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After reset device unable to sync google account resulting in complete lockout.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Jessica S, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Jessica S

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    Yes, its a crap phone but, this is happening to ALL devices in our network. I noticed major spyware etc. Going on in my laptop too late. Phone after phone lost to malware. Yes, went undetected by anti virus/malware. But THIS phone, after reset, no longer syncing with google leaving me unable to access anything! Used backdoor via youtube to access native browser. Might be worth mentioning my browser keeps displaying java disabled msg (not true) i cant access settings to delete app data. Im using this infected/infested phone simply because I simply cant afford another one. Ive lost 3 laptops, 4 androids and replaced my wifi router and modem already (since February 2018). All suggestions would be much appreciated. I simply can't handle this alone and my doctor has me now on anxiety medication. P.s. yes, ive made appropriate reports with law enforcement.thanks for listening. J.S


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