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Root After-root basic questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by suneater_alpha, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. suneater_alpha

    Thread Starter

    Jun 3, 2010
    So after rooting my HTC evo. (root! root! toast)

    I have just a few questions maybe someone could answer for me.

    1. I understand you can backup your apps before flashing a ROM, but do you have to redo all your settings (google account etc.) every time you flash a new ROM? after the first rooted one of course.

    2. Do you have to wipe when updating a ROM you are using. Fresh for example.?

    3. How important is it to go full root?

    Thanks everyone. I appreciate all the great talk that I've already seen on this forum. Keep it Up! ANDROID 4 Life


  2. Oridus

    Oridus Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2010
    1.) Not "100%". I suggest you use Titanium Backup (Free on the market, but I suggest you poney up the 3 dollar donation per the instructions inside the app, as it makes it a BUNCH faster, plus it helps out the dev on this one for such a great product).

    This will back up all your current system settings, your apps, and the application data. It will create this backup to your SD card. Your google account should be synced to Gmail. This is what I do before flash.

    Run Titanium backup to backup all apps/app data/system settings. While that's running, I do a manual sync of my google account to back up my Contacts.

    I flash the new rom. I get Titanium backup installed once the new rom is flashed. I restore all the apps/app data/system settings (If you use the "all" method in TB, you'll also back up your texts! :D), and then sync my google account. The only thing that you generally will need to re-set up is widgets. Program shortcuts on your homescreen generally will show back up in their regular spot, but widgets will need to be put back on the screen manually.

    2.) Coming from Windows Mobile, I always do since it was in best practice to do so. Basically you're eliminating the possibility for residual data from the old rom to be on the device that may conflict with data from the new rom. I'm new to the Android flashing game, myself. I've been doing my research since December though, and from the looks of it, the chef will include information as to if you should do a data wipe/dalvik cache wipe before hand in the instructions for flashing their rom (Usually found on a forum thread either here, PPCGeeks, or XDA).

    Again, I always do just for safe measure.

    3.) Full root is needed to flash roms, plain and simple. If you wanna be able to flash the roms, you need to go full root, not unrevoked method. It'll also allow access to a lot of the root only programs that have to have full root. For most people, including myself, this is all the info I need on that matter lol.

    Hope this helped.
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