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after root usb drivers dont work.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GumBa11Machine, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. GumBa11Machine

    Thread Starter

    So I rooted my moment and everything is fine and dandy. But when I went to flash back to the sprint stock firmware my pc won't pick up the usb. I have the drivers. My pc sees the phone as android not samsung mobile device. I can't seem to find a way for it to get the drivers. I wanted to try a different rom then the one I'm running now. Any help would be cool.


  2. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Double check that usb debugging isn't turned on. Menu>settings>applications>development.
  3. GumBa11Machine

    Thread Starter

    now my computer isn't pick up the phone at all.
  4. GumBa11Machine

    Thread Starter

    no one knows a fix?
  5. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member

    Had this problem this past week.
    You need to uninstall all Samsung software and drivers completely. Do this the normal way through Control Panel.
    After that, you need to go into your registry and delete all Samsung folders.
    You open up Regedit in Windows
    Then go to HKEY CURRENT USER, Expand that (+), expand Software
    and delete the Samsung folder
    Do the same for HKEY LOCAL MACHINE
    When you simply uninstall Samsung stuff, it leaves a bunch of junk in the registry of the computer even after uninstall.
    Reboot the computer with no phone attached.
    Download the Samsung update from Sprint


    Install the updater. After its installed, right click the SWUpgrade and run as administrator....Follow all on screen instructions, and you should be good.

    If you do not need the updater, then you can skip the software install and just download the drivers for the phone from the SDX forum. Just do a search.
    But I suggest you do it this way, it was the only thing that worked for me...
    Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64

    Hope this helps
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  6. GumBa11Machine

    Thread Starter

    I shall try this when I get off work. Thanks.
  7. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member

    OK, keep us posted.....Should work like a charm....
    I pulled my hair out for 3 days and finally figured this out....
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  8. GumBa11Machine

    Thread Starter

    I LOVE YOU! this did fix it, thanks a ton
  9. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member

    Even though I'm a newbie, I like to share what I figure out.
    I'm glad you got it. It drove me nuts too, but I'm determined.
    This is a great forum as is SDX......
  10. o_herrera

    o_herrera Lurker

    You go from not booting your phone up while starting your PC to running the update, but in the update you need to have your moment in DL mode-which is where my pc(s) wont recognize it. So should I plug my phone back in after restarting my PC to let it install drivers or just go straight to DL mode?
  11. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member

    Start from the beginning.....As I posted above. Wipe everything out of you PC that has to do with Samsung. All drivers, programs etc...
    Then wipe out the samsung registry keys as posted above.
    Start with a fresh install of the Samsung Upadate....
    Open the zip, then right click the Updater and run as administrator.
    Then pull your battery and reboot the phone in DL mode (vol down, Camera, End)
    When you get to the screen in the updater where it tells you to reboot in update mode on the phone, do that so your phone is in update mode, then plug the phone in via USB, then click next. The next screen will tell you to plug in the USB......but it will already be plugged in....
    It is the only way it works for me....
    Sometimes you need to trick the updater program.
  12. SteveVHT

    SteveVHT Member

    PS- This seems to be a problem with machines running Windows 7, especially 64 bit like both mine...
  13. ogxenergy

    ogxenergy Newbie

    how in the world do you open the registry thing im so confused
  14. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Open the the 'Run' dialog from the Start menu. Type 'regedit' without the quotes and press enter.

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