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after update keyboard doesnt light up

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aaronmach1, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. aaronmach1

    aaronmach1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i noticed that after the update i recieved this morning that the slide out keyboard does not light up at all. any way to fix this ? anyon else notice this?

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  2. cafeldmann

    cafeldmann Newbie

    I just got my update, and my keyboard lights up when I slide it out.
  3. jtraveler

    jtraveler Lurker

    Either cycle off/on the screen or adjust the brightness settings under sounds and display
  4. BamaBlue

    BamaBlue Newbie

    I notice that with the screen black/locked, mine took a few seconds to light up after I slid the keyboard out - it wasn't instantaneous.

    I got my update this morning. Don't know if it matters, but I also cycled power off/on an additional time to see if I could get my contacts back...no luck there...
  5. eMximeR

    eMximeR Newbie

    Mine still lights up after the update, try taking your battery out for a minute and relaunch it
  6. moby

    moby Lurker

    I have the same problem after 2.0.1 (received this morning OTA).
  7. jer.lawrence

    jer.lawrence Member

    I had the same problem. Turned the phone off, turned it back on, and it was fine. Give that a shot.
  8. hard2say

    hard2say Newbie

    This is what I had to do.
  9. opgarlic

    opgarlic Newbie

    just hit your power button to lock the phone and hit it again to unlock and the buttons will light up. you have to do this every time you power the phone off.

    I do have auto dim "ON" and the keyboard buttons and soft touch buttons will not light up in a bright room.
  10. ceruti82

    ceruti82 Member

    Had the same issue, but not right after update. Just happened randomly today, so did a search for a fix , this page came up. Followed opgarlic advice to lock and unlock~ worked like a charm. Thanks.

  11. fixxxer3838

    fixxxer3838 Lurker

    here's something i noticed. I think the slide-out keyboard is linked to the same sensor that is used when you talk on the phone that turns your screen off or some other light sensor. when there's a lot of light the slide-out keyboard doesn't light up. but when it's darker it lights up right away. what do you guys think? I tried it at my desk at work and when it's above my desk it won't light up, but then i put it under my desk in the dark and BAM...light up :)
  12. aaronmach1

    aaronmach1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    hmmm mine just started workin tonight:thinking:

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