After upgrade phone is not charging



I just installed the 4.0 upgrade on my exhilarate and now the darn thing won't charge..any ideas?


Hi LizaJane1. Again I'm sorry you are having a hassle with your phone. You will want to start by checking the easy stuff. Pull the battery out and make certain the contacts are clean. This will also force a hard reboot of the phone which sometimes helps when things go South. You will want to inspect the actual USB charging port to make certain there isn't a pin bent over. If you have another charger... would be a great time to give it a test run. If by chance you had another battery.. wow that would be a great test as well.

Does your phone maintain power when on the charger? Have you tried connecting it to your PC via the charging / data cable and see if you have connectivity?

I'm certain others here will have some other things for you to try. If all else checks out you will likely be forced to do a factory reset of the phone. Phones get messed up sometimes after an upgrade. I've experienced it myself. A reset was the last resort for me because I shy away from hassles lol. However, I was very pleased after a rest. The upgrade went well.. my play store apps married well.., and my phone was a lot faster and stable.

Good luck LizaJane1