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Agent (Shoot the Targets) - THE Shooter on Android Market

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AlbertPucciani, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    I haven't posted here in a while and I thought I'd share some stuff on the new update.

    If you aren't familiar with Agent, here are some screenshots:
    Episode 1

    Episode 2
    New Bonus Level in Episode 2

    Episode 3

    Halloween Episode

    QR Code for the Full Game
    QR Code for the Demo Game

    YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I42G2Tc2qOI

    When I say that this is THE Shooter on the Android Market, I mean it.

    P.S. I'd love to hear what you think, I publish new levels 2-3 times a month (check the Main Menu > About > Change Log for proof), so your suggestions have a good chance of making it into an update. (Many people have already done this)

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  2. Extr3m1st

    Extr3m1st Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna give this a look tonight, nice work
  3. gallandof

    gallandof Android Expert

    when i played this game a while back I liked it. just not my style of game. was fun though definately worth getting
  4. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    @Extr3m1st: Did you give the demo a try? What are your thoughts on it?

    @gallandof: I can respect that opinion. A lot of people download the demo, fewer purchase the full, but those who really like it rave, and those who don't, it just wasn't their piece of pie.

    If anyone else has any thoughts, suggestions, or criticisms, I have a pretty thick shell so lay it on me, I really want to know what you'd change or do differently.
  5. Extr3m1st

    Extr3m1st Well-Known Member

    I grabbed the demo and thought it was well done, not my kind of game but I can definitely recommend it to others as its pretty damn slick and you seem to keep improving on it and expanding it. Great job.
  6. hydralisk

    hydralisk Well-Known Member

    Watched the video. If that is any indication of what the gameplay it, then I wouldn't exactly call it a shooter. Nova is a shooter. Toon Warz is a shooter. Both very high quality games, too.
  7. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert

    I will bite. I tried just the first level on the demo game. I wouldn't call it a shooting game but rather a touch the screen game. In reality not all that different than bopping the heads of the mole when it pops up kid's game IMHO. The only difference is touching the target accurately.
    If there is real shooting in other levels: Having a target and allowing for distance, elevation drop, windage, grain load, bullet weight etc., please correct me.
  8. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    Thank you for your replies. I'm not being smart, so please don't get offended. Shooter game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia states that "Shooters" make up the majority of games, and the the sub-genres are very wide.

    Yes, their is other types of shooting later in the game (Sniper Rifle, Down the Scope-FPS style).

    In the sense of being a touch game, thats the basically the top category for every game on the market, don't be mistaken by the first levels in this game, because moles don't shoot back at you or move.

    The game is very much about shooting, I'm just playing to a phones strengths, not its weaknesses. Adjusting for wind is just a little out of scope though for an Arcade style game.

    I do promise that the game gets very challenging and addicting, especially in the new rifle level where you shoot down the sight of the rifle.

    Of course, if its not your cup of tea, I totally respect that.

  9. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    BTW: If you didn't try the demo, please give it a try. Not even so you purchase it, but so that you might see the difference between watching the video and actually playing it.

    Thanks again,
  10. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    I've played Toon Warz, I found the controls a little too hard. I can't seem to find Nova though, unless its like missile command, but I don't think thats the right Nova you spoke of.

    Who is the developer do you know?

    I'm a big fan of shooters, so I'm always looking for another time waster myself.

    Edit: Nevermind, Gameloft. I Enjoyed that demo immensely, I'll probably buy it.
  11. klipsch

    klipsch Member

    Picked up this game over the weekend. Tried the Demo and bought it immediately. The game is highly addictive, and has moved to the top of my list of time killers.
  12. droidberg

    droidberg Member

    I've been playing Eagle Nest, but it kicks my ass. Gonna give this one a try.

    EDIT: Gave it a run, got a couple levels into the Shooting Range, may have to purchase. I'll take it for another spin this afternoon. Thanks.
  13. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter


    Glad to hear you enjoy my game :)

    I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts or suggestions you had about Agent.

  14. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    Albert, I have a situation buddy lol

    So i downloaded the demo of this game, and LOVED it! Love it so much that i persuaded my friend to download it. He also loved it just as much!

    My friend is unemployed and having a very hard time finding work even after 2yrs, so anything that gets his mind off the miserable reality that is his life, is great!

    So now after using up everything within the demo, I decided to go ahead and buy the game ... it truly is coded very well, and is a great game! Well worth the small price, in my opinion. I then convinced my friend that even tho he wasn't working, he should go ahead and purchase this game .. since it gets even better! So he did.

    Now 1 day after purchase, we are both stuck on the sniper rifle challenge! The very first one! It appears to be extremely difficult to even pass it! I can understand not awarding medals, but to stop us from progressing? It has now been a few days since we even played it, because we are both so frustrated with the difficulty.

    I assumed if I was feeling like this, and he was, maybe other people were .. and it was time to let you know.

    Now you were very kind in writing that if we had any issues to email you and you would refund. But we dont really want a refund! This game is amazing! Maybe just some tips on getting past this so we can progress?

    I now feel bad having my friend dish out the money for it, knowing he wasn't working and has limited money ... and not even 48hrs later he is telling me how he doesn't play it at all, out of frustration.

    Anything you can advise would be great.

    PS, in regards to the posts above whether this is a shooter, or not. I think it absolutely is a shooter. But you can call it a shooter, or a cow tipping game, or a transexual love-fest ... i still think it is amazing and would buy it again. Keep up the good work!
  15. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    Hi there!

    I can imagine you are having a hard time, because the Sniper Rifle challenge is difficult. I need a few pieces of information first. Just to be sure, are you speaking of "Precision Cutlery"?

    First, what type of devices do you and your friend have?
    Do you experience any lag or jerkiness while moving the sniper rifle?
    Are you using (or have you tried) the on-screen joystick?
    Are you running out of time, or having trouble getting a medal?

    As for technique, I use my left thumb and pretty much keep my thumb down on the screen the entire time to move the sniper rifle and I use my left thumb to fire as fast as I can. If sensitivity is the issue, try pressing MENU during game play and then go to Options.

    You can Enable left hand mode, Enable the Joystick (This might actually be a harder), Invert the Axis, and/or adjust the sensitivity (hint, it says "Joystick", but it is actually controls both the Joystick and Touch mode).

    Thanks for letting me know, I'll make adjustments for the next release. If there is something I can do to make it easier, let me know.

  16. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    What level is it you are having problems with? Is it Precision Cutlery?

    *edit Looks like Albert beat me to it. :) Love the game Albert!
  17. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    Glad you're still enjoying it! I'm dragging me feet a little right now, but I have another episode due out "anytime now".

    Then you'll get Survivor mode.
  18. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    Precision Cutlery god damnit!!!

    Ok just kidding, there is just too much niceness in this thread, had to spice it up a bit lol.

    Yea we both face the same challenges .. we know how to do it, we are doing it, just not fast enough! Running out of time.

    I have a Droid Incredible .. rooted, running CM7 #32, OC'd and trimmed down.

    He has a Moto Droid 2

    EDIT, no jerkiness or lag at all. Just slow shooting i guess.
  19. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    If you were going to alter it in any way, my suggestion would be to have an easier training ground. Or maybe keep everything the same but extend the time ... so users dont get frustrated and give up on the game entirely.

    I would also suggest changing the name to "Transexual Love-Fest" just for giggles, and see how many people download it (LOL! Kidding of course)

    Also go make some more damn games man! I work for a mobile development company in NYC and we have done roughly 500 apps ... i can tell your code is smooth as silk! You got skillz, keep pumpin out the goods!
  20. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    I appreciate the compliment. I've got a couple of ideas on my mind, but I can't share them just in case someone comes to market with them first.

    I'm going to add 20 more seconds. I think if I put in a big push, I'll have an update on the market Sunday morning.

    But, for you and your friend, are you familiar with side-loading? I can compile Agent, put it on my website and send you the link. If you would like that, just send me an email.
  21. diestarbucks

    diestarbucks Well-Known Member

    This game really deserves much more attention. It's extremely well put together and as you can see from this thread the developer is very response. This was one of the first Android games I purchased a few months ago when I first hopped aboard the platform on a recommendation from this forum and I still find myself going back to it to try to top my own scores.
  22. mg1313

    mg1313 Lurker

    Let me start by saying that this game is awesome. Truly fun to play and replaying missions over and over doesn't get old. After playing the demo, I bought the full game because its a ton of fun and I wanted more levels. Also, I felt that the creator does deserve to make money for creating something this good.

    I do, however, have to agree with some of the posts above. After I bought the full version, I found myself frustrated with the sniper rifle missions such as precision cutlery. It took me many many tries to beat it. And once I did, I just got stuck on the next sniper rifle level and stopped playing.

    I do feel that the sniper rifle levels are very creative and are a good addition to the game, however, they are far too hard to pass. Even if you manage to finish them in time, it is hard to finish with a high enough score to pass. This can be especially frustrating because the levels leading up to the sniper missions are fast paced and exciting. Some of the moving targets on the second sniper rifle mission are so small it takes 5-10 shots to hit them and while doing that, you are losing precious time.

    Again, awesome game, but if there is some way to make the sniper missions more passable so I can at least move forward with the game, that would be great.

  23. mg1313

    mg1313 Lurker


    After reading this thread and posting, I decided to give the sniper missions another go. And I did manage to pass the other 2 that I couldn't beat. So I am at least past those levels, barely, hahaha.

    Awesome game and I look forward to the new levels ahead!
  24. AlbertPucciani

    Thread Starter

    I'll rush an update out for this weekend, I'm really glad all of you chimed in about that level. If would be really helpful if you could tell me how far you get in it. If you could play Precision Cutlery and when the time runs out, tell me what it says for "Total Targets/Missed", that way I can adjust the level to have the correct amount of time.

    If anyone is interested in side-loading, I can compile an apk and give you a link to download it from. Email me or PM me and I'll send you a link, and/or instructions.

    I'm gonna spoil Survival Mode for those who read this, if you don't want to know about it, don't read this:

    Basically it's arcade mode, with unlimited play, I intend on making it into a "separate" game within Agent. It'll have it's own set of achievements and will combine all of the aspects of Campaign and Bonus Campaign (and things I didn't have time to include earlier) into one game.

    You'll never play the same game twice. You'll purchase an in-game inventory, extra health, body armor, check-points, and power-ups. And I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. You'll start a new game, or load a game from a checkpoint. Each game plays forever, ramping up in difficulty until you die

    The rules will change a little, I'd love to hear any suggestions for game play. I'll be reusing all of the existing levels and possibly two more.

    Knowing all of that, would you change or add anything?
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  25. mg1313

    mg1313 Lurker

    As for the sniper levels, as I said, I did manage to pass them all at this point. To be honest, the first one, "Precision Cutlery" is the toughest. Took me the longest to pass that one. If I recall, I only had about 2 seconds left when I passed it. So for that one, I would recommend adding 10-15 seconds for that level, so that a higher score can be achieved with higher accuracy.

    For "Nighymare Quality" I would suggest adding the same 10 or 15 seconds to help get a higher score, even though this level was slightly easier than "Precision Cutlery".

    The third level, "Feel the Pressure" was the easiest to pass, so it doesn't require much changing. However, overall, I was only able to get 1 star on each of the sniper levels. But maybe when I upgrade the sniper rifle it will help.

    Also, your advice about inverting the aim and adjusting the sensitivity was very helpful. These game features are great.

    As for the Survival Mode, it sounds like an awesome idea. Each of the settings, such as the subway and outdoors, should have their own survival mode. Also, if you could create some more, like an apartment complex or urban setting with enemies popping up in windows and behind cars and things like that, it would be cool. But there should still be the opportunity for large streaks.

    And there should be bonus streaks available for weapons upgrades and armor/health upgrades. For example, in the middle of survival mode, there should be a rapid group of specific targets that pop up in a row. If the player manages to shoot all of the targets in this group before they disappear, then a special weapon should appear on the screen, and if you shoot the special weapon then you get it. If you get shot, you should lose it until you earn another weapon.

    So basically, all health/weapon/and armor upgrades should have to be earned by getting certain streaks that lead to them.

    You might also want to think about putting "Boss" enemies in survival mode also. Like a enemy in a tank that comes on the screen by himself at random times, and you have to time ducking down with shooting to get past the boss enemies to keep playing.

    I am glad you are constantly looking to add to the game. This way I can keep on playing! I look forward to this type of mode and hope to see it soon.

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