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agnostic seeks enlightenment

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by invoak, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. invoak

    invoak Lurker
    Thread Starter

    k let me set some things straight.
    I currently use iphone 3gs
    I like 90% of the iphone 3gs user interface.
    I like 30% of ATT's service (when I get that much).

    I prefer open and free software. Android has a lot of potential.

    I am not a fanboy either way. VZ/Tmob/ATT/Sprint apple/google

    Is there much room for optimization of the screen scrolling rate of the droid? when i played with one at the VZ store, it did not impress me as much as i hoped. the scrolling seems jerky. not something i want to see every time i interact with my phone. Does it get worse with more background processes running? Are the store demos bloated from being demos?

    I usually optimize my windoze and linux os's to run more efficiently. How possible is this for android 2.0?


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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest


    There aren't any settings on the Droid for scrolling, but I don't think its much different than the apples. (I have an ipod touch). I think it may have been a bad demo.

    I highly recommend the Droid. I considered the iphone since the systems are in place for my ipods, but decided to go android because of the more open platform- file and memory access, customization etc. that's difficult on the ipod even after jailbreaking.

    edit: your last Q will probably require rooting, (JB'ing) which hasn't happened yet on the Droid, so...uh... get to work and let us know how it's done ok?
  3. DR0ID

    DR0ID Well-Known Member

    scrolling on my device never really lags or anything
    you can turn off window animations which i didnt really see necessary, i didnt really gain anything... there wasnt really much more speed to gain anyway

    i use taskiller very rarely, most of the time ill see 33-49mb free but even then i have no issues with speed...
    only after im done with something like pandora or google nav i will kill all apps...just to be sure its not still running somewhere

    all in all, it is a fast device
    and not a "digitally clueless beauty queen" like what you have in your hands now ;)
  4. cb2000a

    cb2000a Newbie

    My Droid scrolls very fast with no lag at all. I was with ATT now with Verizon and enjoying faster internet and no dropped calls. Can you say that for ATT and the Iphone?
  5. Ashveratu

    Ashveratu Lurker

    I noticed a slight improvement in scrolling across the multiple desktops when I started using the app Home++ as my desktop replacement. Not that it was bad before, but it is smoother and looks much nicer now. (and it was free)

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