Ah man I am confused for my birthday present please recommend me


Hi, guys maybe some of you might think what a question I have asked but so I wanted to ask that my birthday is arriving on 28 DEC so I have the following options.

1.PS vita because I can dowload it's games from the internet I dont have to rely on my father to buy it games.But on the other side I am hearing that ps vita does'nt get all those games that are release on the ps3 4 and other consoles.

2.I would like to buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360 but my father wont go out buying cd's every time but on the other side it's cheap now and it gets all games that have been released and I want.Ques: is there any way to install games in the consoles's hard drive? like in the psp (memory card)

3.Tablet, Tablet is also a good choice but it doesnt have all those games and I love to download applications onto it on the other side.the tablet is hard for me to take care of but i love it due to its portability.