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Ahh... stock Android 2.3 feels sooo good! :)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Thornfullessrose, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Well after suffering for a while with my D2 and its motoblur, im finally back to the original DROOIIID! :)

    It feels so good to be back to an unlocked bootloader and a geniune Gingerbread Google experience! That blur just slows things down and its just plain ugly, especially the gingerblur. Also the colors of the D2 have kinda always annoyed me. I feel kinda stupid for letting them send me a D2 for my D1. It only brought more problems than i had with the original DROID. I finally caught a generous rep on the phone and got him to find a D1 still in stock for him to send me. Now i dont have to wait for moto and vz to release the official gb for the D2 (which isnt even worth waiting for since, hey, its blur.) I vowed to myself to NEVER get another phone that has either blur, a locked bootloader, or is made by moto. Its all just a headache. Its good to be back to awesome roms and not roms that have problems because too much blur was replaced. Again... stock Android 2.3 feels sooo good! :)


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  2. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    Haha. I remember you first posting that you got a D2 to replace your D1. I was so envious. I guess the grass isn't much greener sometimes?

    Hope this new D1 treats you well :)
  3. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    Where did you get the 2.3 ROM? I'm not on a ROM right now but I would consider it if there was a "stock" Gingerbread for the Droid.
  4. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

  5. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    Did you have to install a ROM manager to install it or did you do the manual update process?
    I'll go check the link for install directions also.
  6. Thornfullessrose

    Thornfullessrose Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, in the D2's case, it's definitely not greener dude. xD

    It's running pretty good so far. No complaints at all. :)

    I use ROM Manager for downloading and installing my ROMs.
  7. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    I've done it both ways, but its been a while since i went through the process. I think i updated manually last time

    I encourage you to read the blog comments to get more user feedback and hints.
  8. mplevy

    mplevy Android Expert

    Thanks for the tip, got it installed with minimal issue.

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