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AICP 5.1.1 for ZTE ZMAX

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ethanbanker2428, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. Ethanbanker2428

    Ethanbanker2428 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I've already done this. Its called bankermod


  2. ravenslight

    ravenslight Well-Known Member

  3. GoonDoc

    GoonDoc Member

  4. daveyoung

    daveyoung Well-Known Member

    This ROM is awesome

    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    It's Bankerrific!
    (Until I find a better slogan!)
  6. drudrumauro

    drudrumauro Member

    I have a lollipop noob question im on atnt network and have the proper apn my lte service works fine but when I'm on wifi i can't send or receive messages i have tried a bunch of third party sms apps but still no luck
    my question is is that I was checking on the build prop for this rom and noticed it's blank after ro. wifi. channels =
    if there was something after = like a 1 or something would that fix the issue or does that not affect it at all?
  7. drudrumauro

    drudrumauro Member

    sms works fine i meant to say mms doesn't work while I'm on wifi
  8. kw69747

    kw69747 Newbie

    ok. not a noob. this is the ninth phone I've rooted/flashed. but every one is different. the
    i just flashed this coming from cm12 the camera isn't working for me. don't know why cause i haven't seen any other posts about it on this ROM. i downloaded Google camera and it does the same thing. not force closing just not opening. does it need a camera fix like cm12 video fix or an i missing something?

    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    reflash the ROM ....go through all the steps...but, this time...while in TWRP ...use the file manager delete the "android" folder from your SD card BEFORE you flash the ROM........
    if you read the 20 posts about what to do when this problem and a few other issues are issues.....
    and if you're not one of the magical people that never run into issues when flashing a ROM or ZIP's....
    it'll add up to....not giving root rights to settings...or and more often ....deleting the "android" folder......

    no one here wants or is trying to be rude when we say ...read for yourself........

    because ...by the time blogs get to post http://androidforums.com/threads/aicp-5-1-1-for-zte-zmax.928542/page-13#post-7064407 ....the issues have allready been addressed....

    R.I.F. :)
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  10. kw69747

    kw69747 Newbie

    i got it. i had put the Google camera on sd with link2sd. flashed the restore. zip and for some reason phone didn't want to read my sd card. i just unlinked it. then rebooted. everything works fine now.
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    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    Good thinking ...I admire that...
    I woulda just did what I said after flapping around saying "the sky is falling"
    My experience with link2sd is an awkward journey since my SD card is sub standard .......
    So I approach that app with a certain respect due to the one time I got it to work properly with my "leet"(I jest) LG F6.... And all the other times I didn't..
    Someone somewhere is still laughing about the F6 and what a stupid joke it was.....
    Unless you like phones with OK specs and the internal space of Homer Simpson's brain
  12. kw69747

    kw69747 Newbie

    i had an lg ms323 and first time i partitioned my sd, i was following a guise from xda and it was for link 2sd w with swap. didn't know what swap was but was following the guide for and eight gig sd but was calculating for a for gig card. ****ed something up in swapper 2 settings and bricked the shit out of it. wrote on my dev/block/mlk partition. lol. stupid!
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    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

  14. kw69747

    kw69747 Newbie

    yeah, that's the only paperweight i ever made though. i still don't know exactly what the swapper 2 app was supposed to do.i found a method to get phone back going but it required a doner phone to get files from and i just got a better phone. which i immediately rooted out of the box and started modding. my girl got pissed. lol. "me or the phone!" phone wins evertime
  15. daveyoung

    daveyoung Well-Known Member

    It keeps on crashing now the screen just goes black
  16. Jorge Cornejo

    Jorge Cornejo Lurker

    I need help for days installing cm 12 went smoothly but wanted to return to Kit Kat and no I did and I phone died not take, only it stays in a home screen that says powered by android and then restarts I can do! !!
  17. Ethanbanker2428

    Ethanbanker2428 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    OK thanks a lot. That's the day after my birthday so I'll be glad to see a donation.
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  18. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Android Expert

    You made a baby cry by proxy.

    He he.. I still have two smashed f6 handsets in a drawer somewhere.

    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    I still use my F6 for Pandora and emergency browsing around the house via WiFi...
    This post is from it..... Tiny little f6 compared to my ZMAX...
    No wonder I have to use glasses now..
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  20. drudrumauro

    drudrumauro Member

    I have a gsm unlocked f6 which i switch to from time to time although i prefer big phones having one bulge in my pocket while running around at work gets annoying i also have the f60 which i got on Amazon for 40 bucks and old phones i had service on from metro pcs store across the street from where i live i have kyocera hydro life and alcatel one touch fierce 1 and 2 and samsung galaxy light which every phone i own is rooted and have link 2 sd on them ( lol lol i used to upgrade constantly before 90 day upgrade came into affect and i was a cheap priced metro pcs phone crack head lol lol before i left metro i upgraded to zte zmax right before phone bill was due and phone was the last one in the store on the last day 90 day was in affect and i got real lucky but have since moved over to atnt because through my job i get 22 percent off atnt bill and am on a lg g vista but i still use all my phones which i gsm unlocked because i figure i paid for them miles well use all of them cause i love variety and am a android fanatic goofball lol) although the dual core on the f6 is a bit slow i like the fact it's 4g lte and has a physical side button i can assign to whatever i want and i like the color notification on the home button and like to use light flow app to set different colors and patterns to different notifications (ewww magic light show phone lol) i have link2sd successfully installed i never use swap or try to mess around with ram off sd card and it works fine with normal ext4 partition assigned i also have speaker boost app on it and use Pandora on it it works well and also mp3 download bestvs ap for any song from any artist it's not super bad phone but its annoying slow sometimes but truthfully im hooked on the aicp zte zmax im a customizing freak i wish i could have it on every phone and tablet i own lol i think im buzzing hard off my fifth of Captain the 3 sentences i wanted to say turned into an obnoxious rant lol my bad (now i shall stagger away into the darkness) lol lol
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  21. Masterchief87

    Masterchief87 Android Expert

    Holy crap I didn't know it was possible to cram 200+ words into one long sentence but you sure did find a way lmao
    Now you just need to find a way to have it all make sense lol
  22. big%boy%big

    big%boy%big Well-Known Member

    Talk about a marathon run-on sentence lol.
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    CYCONUMNUM Android Expert

    I understood it perfectly
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  24. daveyoung

    daveyoung Well-Known Member

    Help my camera is not working, I already cleared cache but its still not working

ZTE Zmax


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