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Airplane mode causing reboot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nasalhair, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Nasalhair

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    Had my One X for two days now and love it - even think the battery life is great compared to my HTC Desire.

    Anyway, last night I went to the theatre and as I went inside was reminded by the usher to make sure my mobile was off. Just in case I accidentally nudged the power button and switched it on I decided to do what I have done in the past on planes, which is put my phone into Airplane Mode, switch it off, and so if it does come on during the show at least none of the radios are active so no texts or calls should arrive. So I turned Airplane Mode on via the power management widget, the plane icon appeared in the notification bar, and I switched the phone off... only to find it came straight back on again, like I'd rebooted it. Powered it off again and it just rebooted. Ended up disabling airplane mode, switching the phone into silent, and powering it off which worked perfectly this time.

    Anyone else had this issue? For info I'm running software version (Orange branded, so I should be getting 1.28 in about June 2014.)

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